Ocean Carrier Code Lookup

Ocean Carrier Code Lookup software or website catering to the codes are not in public use as yet but individual companies and organizations like the IMO and MARPOL do have the data concerning different ocean carrier identification codes. The codes are provided to each vessel after manufacture and could be used to identify the vessel just as the ones found on a automobile.


Ocean Carrier Code

Ocean Carrier Codes

There are several different ocean carrier codes that are found on each ocean carrier each of which is used for a different form of identification. Automobiles also have these codes such and the registration number, chassis number and model number which help identify individual vehicles. Having different codes and numbers for different parts on board a vessel helps reduce time when ordering replacement parts for a vessel while at sea since the distance involved are vast and there is no time to waste.

The IMO, MARPOL and local government registration offices also indicate these codes on to different certificates that are required to be maintained by the vessel owners. Plotting these numbers on to the certificates ensures that shipping companies do not tamper with certification since the numbers are permanently engraved in to the vessels hull and other important parts on board a vessel.


With only over 50,000 commercial cargo ships sailing local and international waters the data involved seems to be minimal and the concerned authorities should have a website that caters for this search option. The reason for this unavailability is not clear but the reason may be a lack of interest or low search traffic with regard to the ocean carrier code lookup. Leading companies in the Industry such as maersk, MSC among many other do have some data connected to their vessels.

Ocean Carrier Code Lookup may not be important information to the common man but the different codes associated to different vessel help better identify each as they navigate the high seas, the codes are also linked to the computer and navigation systems which send the codes to while on voyage to a centrally located monitoring station where vessels are tracked using their codes to identify their position on a daily basis. Client log in to company monitoring websites provides access to different vessel sailing the open sea in real time.

Most of the tracking details are entered as codes or number and rarely vessel names alone are effective enough to track information concerning the ship, this is testament towards the effectiveness of Ocean Carrier Code Lookups where the numerical information of a ship or land based automobile play a far bigger role that the actual name of the ship since each ship must have a permanent identification number that cannot change like the name which could easily be changed or altered causing confusion, loss or disaster while on voyage.

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