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Oil Tanker Familiarization

There are many courses that are associated with marine engineering. One such subject is oil tanker familiarization. It is a mandatory part of STCW 95. The significance of the subject is very high that is exactly why oil tanker familiarization is such a vital part of the training.

We will now discuss more in details about the oil tanker familiarization. The course is mainly dedicated in making the students aware of the basic safety norms that a tanker must be maintained. It also ensures that the students are trained on how tankers actually work. It also gives access to the equipment used. The basic things that a person must know when they join an oil tanker are also a part of the course. When one completes this course they can work in any oil tanker all across the world. They cannot join in as a master, chief engineer and chief officer. These positions can be attained only with time. However, apart from this training the students need to get a good hands on practical training that they can attain only when on board in an oil tanker. The aspect of cargo handling is the most important part in any oil tanker. Before doing cargo handling the person must be trained on fire fighting and first aid course so that they can perform the jobs better.

The course content is as enclosed – the oil tanker, petroleum properties and hazards, oil cargo containment and handling, oil tanker operations and lastly marine pollution. We will now discuss the subjects a little more in details. The oil tanker subject gives a detailed review of the various tankers how they operate and the various technicalities that are involved with tankers. The petroleum properties and hazards discuss about how petroleum that is the most commonly transported substance in the oil tankers must be transported.

The hazards associated with petroleum are also discussed in this subject. The third subject that we mentioned above is oil cargo containment and handling this deal with how oil containment if any can be handled. The oil tanker operation as the subject gives a more detailed account on how oil tankers operate. The subject of marine pollution explains how marine pollution must be avoided in sea. The oil tankers carry hazardous oils in them as a result it becomes very important that the crew is aware on how the environment can be protected and safeguarded from exposure to these substances. There is also a subject on safety norms that the oil tankers must maintain to ensure that they carry on their operations to the best of safety policies.

The course is offered in many major marine colleges all over the world. We will now discuss how and where you can get trained on oil tanker familiarization. The duration of the course, etc will also be discussed in this article. This will help you to prepare yourself better for the course. Many marine institutes across the world provide training on this subject. To name a few are Mumbai Maritime Training institute, sea skill maritime academy in Coimbatore, Academy of maritime Education and training at kanathur, Aquatech institute of maritime studies located in New Delhi, B.P. Marine Academy in Mumbai, and ocean education research centre in Mumbai, etc. These are just a few to name and perhaps the top names in oil tanker familiarization course. Apart from these the list is long and has about twenty seven colleges that offer this course on oil tanker familiarization. The duration might differ from college to college but the syllabus and the cruise content is a standardized one.

If you want to en quire about the oil tanker familiarization course you will have to send an inquiry to the concerned college. They will send you all the details about the fees that need to be paid and the registration process. There is always a long waiting list so the sooner you pay and register yourself the better we must say. The course is in high demand as we have explained already. You can download the prospectus and course details from the site too. This makes it quite easy to understand the details of the course. This will also allow you do decide which course is better for you and how as you can compare them online.

You can also find a lot of oil tanker familiarization course that are provided online to the interested students. We suggest that you can go through them too so that you get a better idea of the course. Mostly these online courses are of twenty hours duration. These too follow the guidelines of STCW 95. The only difference is that instead of classroom training the training is given online. CD and online sessions are used to interact with the students. They also use videos and photographs extensively to make the students understand the course better. The language mostly used is English. Assessments and projects are given to the students so that they can do some research on their own too and come up with better projects.

At the end of every module the students are required to write a test. These test papers are then sent to the United Kingdom so that a reliable third party analysis of the same can be done. This ensures that the results are genuine and there is no chance of partiality. This also ensures that the standardization of the courses covered under oil tanker familiarization is maintained. The assessments are flexible in terms of frequency and gap. This depends on the nation the mariner belongs to. Some nations also follow computer based assessments that they are much faster and convenient.

On completion of oil tanker familiarization the mariner is certified. This is a proof that they have successfully completed the course and can operate on an oil tanker. These are certificates that are recognized by the international and country specific marine bodies. The certificates are of great value no doubt. Even in online courses the candidates are issued certificates that is recognized by the marine institutes.

This is all that you need to know about Oil tanker familiarization. The subject is made mandatory by STCW95. The reasons for this are many and I hope you will get a better idea about the same by reading this article. It cannot be denied that introduction of this course has definitely made the crew of the oil tankers more aware and they are able to handle their jobs better. This has also paved way to major reduction in oil tanker accidents due to human error. All the best with your future studies and a career in navy!

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