Panama COC

Panama COC is also termed as Panamanian COC (certificate of competency). It is a vital certification for all mariners who want to increase their job opportunities. It gives them the certification to operate in a Panamanian flagged vessel. These vessels are many in number already and the numbers are expected to go higher with time.

Panama has the largest number of ships registered in the world. The licence is recognized all over the world due to this very reason. This is exactly why doing this course will increase your chances to make a better career in the marine world. This will increase your scope to operate worldwide and get recognition. These certifications always come from the governments that are controlling this marine business. Panama marine group is a company that is registered in Panama and is authorized by the Panama Maritime Authorities directly. These are organized by the Panama maritime authority itself. They are recognized by the IMO (international maritime organization). This gives these certifications an international acceptance making the ones who do this as mariners that are hugely successful in their fields. Now that you know what exactly Panama COC is we will now tell you about how you can enroll for it.

The first and the most important step are to collect all these enlisted documents and scan them and send them to the email id that we have mentioned. The list consists of your current COC from your present country, a copy of the valid passport that you have not an expired one, your current CDC, all course certification in marine science that you have done so far, a latest medical certificate that is not over eighteen months old, you need to get eight photos that are three by three centimeters in dimension, a letter of experience, a letter of discharge and send all these documents to the email id that is panamatitles@gmail.com. Once these documents are received your application will be evaluated and then the body will decide what to do. The body will also decide if you are suitable for the course or you should do some other course.

You must have a valid experience in sea to apply for this certification. You can do a Belize CDC if you are absolutely not experienced in sea. Later you can upgrade to COC. The options available are many for anyone who is genuinely interested. In the second stage if your application is accepted then you will be sent an invoice with the required fees and the payment instructions. You will have to do the required payment to the account mentioned and this will get an acceptance for the same. You must pay the exact amount and in the mode specified. After this you will get your CT number in a time of one to two weeks. This will make the registration complete. You will get to see the status online and you will get the documents by courier in some time. This may take a month or so. The courier tracking number is sent to the email address of the respective client. You can keep tracking the status of the courier with the tracking number. The fees charged are not a huge one and the admission process as discussed is relatively simple. The benefits of this certification are huge and you can expect to get huge advantages once you are done with it. You can mail to this email id panamatitles@gmail.com even if you have any queries about the course and the application process. They will reply to all your queries immediately and help you understand the concept and its advantages better. The process is well managed and the tracking system is also very smooth. The whole process is well regulated.

The Panama marine group also has a Skype name that is panama Titles you can also go ahead and contact them through Skype. The organisation is a reputed one and has a huge regard in this field. They do their role with honesty and diligence. The clients who have enrolled and got certified by them have been immensely satisfied. Their honesty and fair practices are hugely accepted and trusted all across the world. Every Panamian licence will have the same expiry date as the COC from the home country of the applicant. If anyone wishes to upgrade their certification they need to get that done in the home country and inform the body accordingly. If the person is a national of any other country other than USA, Canada Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Norway, EU countries, India, UAE, Russia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Singapore, Hong Kong they will have to pass the competency exam to obtain the Panamanian title.

The COC of any other country apart from the ones mentioned are not considered as valid. Even in India there are many organizations that can help you prepare for this certification. There are many professional courses in various cities that help people to do these courses and take the exams as required. Most of them are in Mumbai. The licence issued has a validity period beyond which the licence cannot be used. There are many pdf files that you can download online and read about this Panama COC. The ways are many and simple and the advantages are numerous. All that you need to do is to gather all the information together as given in this article. You will be able to get the process and be able to also understand the Panama COC concept better. This will help you to understand what exactly Panama COC is and what the advantages of getting this certification are. This will give you a great deal of knowledge and open new dimensions for you. Your career will get the boost that it needed. Please do try to enroll for this course. The course is not much expensive. It can be enrolled easily. This is perhaps all that you need to know about Panama COC. All the best with your career!

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