Port Engineer Marine

A typical port engineer marine division will report to the marine operations manager, he has many responsibilities that can be places under his supervision and in most cases the job comes with huge responsibilities and demands that require successful results if one is to get promotions as a marine port engineer.

marine port engineer

Port Engineer Marine

The port engineer marine operations post comes with the following job duties and requirements and the engineer is expected to complete these on tight schedules. Below is a list that marine port engineer is responsible for:

JOB REQUIREMENT: take day to day care of vessel operations and conduction periodic and suppressed surveys and drills to ensure the smooth operation of the vessel fleet while at port or harbors.



  • Conduction frequent inspections on all company fleet vessels as many times require and make sure that, problem that may have arisen are rectified as quickly as possible maintaining the vessels readiness at all times.
  • Establishment and enforcement of planned maintenance and records on all vessels in the fleets. Records must be clear and made using universal marine language to avoid any misunderstanding between different marine port engineers.
  • Manuals and spare part lists on both the vessel and land stores should be made and maintained with a copy of the vessels manual and parts list being stored on each individual vessel.
  • Inspect and interview all crewmen to make sure that they are qualified and are capable of doing their responsibilities on board the vessels. They should also know how to follow emergency protocol to avoid confusion and chaos.
  • Train all unfamiliar seamen or staff on different operations and situation control before inspections made by clients to check on preparedness of the crew of sailing and safe guarding the cargo on board.
  • Provides written reports after investigation in to compliant that may have been lodged by clients of crewmen concerning any issue that may involve the vessels while on voyage of transporting cargo. The report must be made and investigation carried out always even if the vessel is docked at the harbors.
  • Is expected to conduct or carry out all other operations involving safety on a vessel despite of its statues either active and sailing or salvaged and waiting to the dismantled.


  •  Have a Bachelors degree from a reputed maritime school
  • Basic safety training to be able to answer interview questions that may be asked
  • Advanced fire fighting skills
  • Medical care or first aid experience and manageability
  • International standards of safety management both theoretical and practical.

Previous sailing Experience is also a major point winner when applying for this post since experience expresses the hardship of working with marine vessels and if a person has been able to gain experience before appearing for Port Engineer Marine job posts it will be appreciated and will move the favor towards the applicant, experience in universally accepted since one has hands on experience of different situations and is far more capable then the person who has joined his knowledge from books but lack the opportunity to practically learn of express and solve problems that may require fast thinking at that moment.

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