Pros and Cons of Shipping Jobs

Shipping job means that you spend a good number of month and years on the ship, travelling from one country to the other. The job is exciting indeed but there are many disadvantages too. However, if you look at it deeply you will realize that all jobs have their plus and minus. There is no job that is absolutely good or absolutely bad.

They all have a grey shade. In this article we will discuss in details the pros and cons of shipping jobs.As they say we should start with the advantages. The pay that you get from this job is perhaps one of the best when compared to any other profession, the exposure is tremendous, you get to visit exotic locations, stay in the best of the hotels , eat the craziest of delicacies and just live a life of luxury that perhaps your friends can only dream of.The careers in shipping are many. You can do a variety of jobs and you will definitely grow.

Now the disadvantages that we can associate with it are also quite a few. You will have to spend a lot of time away from your family and kids. You will miss your kids growing up years and your wife will miss you as she will have to run the house all on her own. The loneliness that you and your wife suffer may even lead to divorce as you will not be able to even speak to her for days. The job also involves a certain risk of life. This risk has definitely come down with time as IMO has made some very prominent changes in the way ships are managed.

These are the various Pros and cons of shipping jobs that we can list as of now. With this you should have a clearer idea about the pros and cons of shipping jobs. You should be able to do a better job in deciding if you want to take it up or not. All the best with you career!

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