Rogue Waves In The Oceans

The mystery of nature becomes deeper as we think about more about them. One such enchanting mystery that has often fascinated man is the god’s fist also known as the rogue waves in the oceans. The scientists are working very hard on finding out what can be the mystery behind this phenomenon. An expert team of quantum physicists and other researchers are working very closely in this for years. We are glad that after years of research these teams have been able to solve the mystery of these waves. We will discuss all about the rogue waves in this article.

Let us first start with the meaning of rogue waves. The rogue waves are huge waves that appear all of a sudden in the surface of the ocean. They can be huge and the strangest fact is that they appear from nowhere on calm waters. For years many propositions and explanations have been made about these giant waves. Yet no one is very sure of how they occur and what the mystery is behind this god’s fist. Some people are of the opinion that this is a supernatural activity, which science will perhaps never be able to explain. They are also called killer waves, extreme waves and monster waves). Well the following discussion will help you decide if these are mystery or a game that nature plays with us.

These rogue waves in the ocean are spontaneous and can occur on a seemingly peaceful water surface. They often drown huge ships in matter of seconds. Some are of the wrong idea that these are the hugest waves you can ever see in a sea. Well that is not true hugest waves generally occur at the time when a sea storm happens. The rogue waves are generally twice as much as a normal wave would be in a calm sea. The basic reason why rogue waves are so difficult to predict is that they are not caused by one single reason. There are multiple reasons behind them.

Reasons Behind Rogue Waves

They are topography movements, wind direction, speed of the wind, etc. Some people also confuse between a tsunami and a rogue waves. Tsunami is caused by displacement of ocean floor they spread over a wide area as a result they cause damage to the sea shores and islands. You cannot feel any impact of Tsunami in the middle of the ocean. Whereas, the case is quite different with rogue waves the maximum impact is in the deep seas and no impact on the shores. This is exactly why for years no one would believe that these rogue waves actually occur.

Some Incidents of Rogue Waves In The Oceans

In 1978 a ship named MS Munchen was lost in the sea after rogue waves were experienced. In February 2000 the highest ever rogue waves was recorded. The size of this wave was about sixty feet. Sometime the height of a rogue waves can also reach ninety five feet. The experts also call these hundred year waves. This is because these waves are believed to occur in the same body of water on the same date and time in every hundred year. We are not very sure about this calculation. Quite a few ships were lost in the past due to this furry of nature that would suddenly happen and then vanish. Sometime this rogue waves have also been noted in lakes. The Lake Superior for example is a very common place where these rogue waves occur. These are also called three sisters as they come soon after each other in quick succession. They are so strong that they too can sink a ship. Many sea farers have reported the occurrence of these waves. However, it was only recently due to the advancement in technology and satellites that these waves and their intensity could be noted by the scientists.

The readings showed that these were not stories giant waves actually existed in the deep ocean. They could occur irrespective of weather conditions. They would sometimes be as high as ninety five feet. They were highly unpredictable and very common. The unique part of this occurrence was that they would happen on a sea that was seemingly quite. Once the data was collected teams from all over the world started to analyse why these monster waves or rogue waves occur and what can be done to control them and protect the ships from these.

The experts believe that the rogue waves are not predictable because we often don’t read the wave motions correctly as a result we cannot predict these. The calculation must be more detailed and not linear as the rogue waves can happen due to many reasons. The scientists believe that there are some movements in the sea floor topography that combine with the currents on the surface as a result these giant waves occur. After years of research and analysis the neural networks in Texas have come up with this model which they say can predict these giant waves by doing some detailed calculations. The data is mostly collected from buoys. The calculation is so precise that it can also predict the height of the wave. This technology can work for up to twenty four hours before the event.

A quantum physics team from Norway have been able to prove how and where these rogue waves occur and why. They say that with this study they can understand the occurrence of the minter waves much better. They have successfully proved the same by using a nonlinear version of the same. Some researchers have come up with optics to understand the study of the rogue waves. With the help of mathematics and hydrodynamics this team has created giant waves in an experiment environment. This shows that the technology of the giant waves is now much clearer to the scientists and they can be used to create as well as understand the giant waves better.

The research to a great extent explains the occurrence of these rogue waves in the oceans. We do have a scientific explanation for the god’s fist. However, is that enough? Well the answer is definitely no. We have to find out how we can foresee when and where these waves are expected. After that we must look at devising ships that can take the hit from these waves and survive them. The ships should have equipment that can predict these rogue waves well in advance. This will help the ships to divert the route if required. If the rogue waves can be predicted in the future then with these technologies a lot of ships and lives can be saved in the future.

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