Sailors Isolated

Unfortunately it is common to hear the public say that marine jobs make sailors isolated from the society and they get left behind by ever developing new trends. This is not always true and many marine vessels have been installed with state of the art entertainment facilities that help improve the quality of life for each sailors as well as keeping them up to date with the latest trends.

Mass communication and wireless internet has made it possible to enjoy your favorite entertainment program even if you are thousands of miles in the high seas. The rumors seem to develop from old sailors that used to sail when there was hardly radio communication to keep in touch with family while at sea. Technology has changed the way people spend their free time on board and not always need to feel isolation while on board.

This is not to say that sailors never feel isolation on board but the situation varies for each individual. The social sailors keep themselves busy at work and socializing which reduces the fatigue of isolation, they try to keep these social bonds during work and free time. Personnel that are introvert and avoid socializing with other may face an agonizing isolation on board a vessel. It is a well known fact that if you socialize you enjoys the moment whoever bad it is. Socializing reduces stress and stress reduction thus improves your stay onboard.

During off duty hours the entertainment centre keeps most busy as they catch up with current affairs and social trends before retiring to rest. The modern marine vessel cannot be blamed for sailors isolated at work since many are happy working with marine shipping companies and have noted the changes that have taken place over time. Today sailor Isolation can be related to vessels that have fewer crew members even this cannot be totally pined as major contributor sinse most modern vessels are faster and take shorter time to sail across vast distances. Even during the voyage the vessels is in constant contact with other passing vessels. Today the problem has diminished and only the introvert sailor will complain of isolation. Some vessels like cruise ships a person may at time forget he is floating due to the amount of people and work that require attending to.

Gone are the days of the sail ship and sailors isolated out in the open seas with no idea of when they would come back home. Today the marine vessels offers us facilities that we may not even have at home and it is up to the individual o make use of them to avoid felling like sailors isolated in the open sea.


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