Sea Farers Day

To appreciate the contributions made by the sea farer’s towards international marine trade, the IMO members agreed to designate a day “Day of the Sea farer’s” that will be marked annually on 25 June. This date was dedicated to them as it was the date that the STCW Convention was adopted during a conference in Manila, Philippines.







Currently 1.5 million seafarers contribute to the well being of the world population by making sure that food, fuel and other commodities that people use on a daily basis are deliver to the required designations. Sea fearers are mainly overlooked as they are not in the spot light during consumption of products.

On this day we get the opportunity to inform the public about whom sea fearers are and their contribution to your daily life. Exposing some issues such as piracy that face today’s sea fearers and some danger they put themselves in to maintain the supply of consumer products to the public.

Who is a seafarer?

They are also known as sailors, sea men, or mariner. These people are professionally trained to navigate water born vessels to from one destination to another. They have different ranks defining each individual to a different level of responsibilities. Sea farer’s can be professional, naval, and recreational sailors.

On bigger marine vessels they are distributed in different departments as follows: DECK, ENGINEERING, STEWARDS among other smaller departments. Personnel in each of these departments are further divided in to ranks classifying each seafarer to his designation. The Captain/ Master holds the highest rank where as ordinary seamen has the lowest rank.

Sea farers contribution to our daily life

Today it would be quite difficult to identify any human being that does not depend on one or more consumer products, that is only available due to marine transport. With the huge increase in the population and demand, countries have to rely on importing products required in their nations. This can only be done cost effectively by using marine vessels to supply big amounts at cost effective prices. Fuel oil, edible oil, food grain, minerals the list is endless, all these things have all come over sea transport. Most of the fuel we use to power our live is transported by marine transport as well as many other products. But the suppressing thing is very few of us think of how the product reached its destination, who transported it and what challenges did he face.

Problems Facing Modern Seafarers

The IMO and other organizations have implemented many regulations to safeguard mariner rights but some issues remain unsolved. Safety slandered on marine vessels has had considerable improvement but external factors like piracy have had a major blow on the industry in the past few years. Though it may sound like a mid evil movie, the fact that pirates terrorize seafarers around the Somalia coast is a concern that has agitated many marine transporters. The pirates capture vessels and ask for huge sums of ransomed that have to be paid for the safe release of sailors held hostage and the vessels. Seafarers are mistreated during the hostage period discouraging them from working onboard sea vessels in the feature.

By exposing the challenges seafarers face to deliver products to us we can show our appreciation of the work they do by thanking them and dedicating some kind words to their cause on the 25 of June to let them know we do follow them and are proud of the work they do for us.


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