Sea Walls Approach By Nations

Due to the rise in sea levels due to global warming, sea walls area being increasingly turning too as a form of protection against the sea flooding of low lying areas. With the recent tsunamis that have ravaged Asia in the past decade and the sea water flooding that is affecting Venice city and Netherlands among many more low lying locations in the world, each nation has taken a different approach to stopping the rising waters.

Sea Walls

Sea Walls

This has become a priority for these nations as the flooding waters threaten the existence of these places so they have set all out war against the rising water to protect the homes and property.

This cannot be done individually but with the support of all citizens, government, and the international community.

The issue is much more urgent than is sounds, communities living in these areas are being threatened by a force of nature that only the best measures can help block but not stop the advancing floods.




Dutch have been dealing with this situation for the past 600 odd years. The first wind mill that was used to pump water out of the dykes was used in the 1414. As time passed they began expanding their dykes and colonizing new land for agriculture.

The situation was under control until this century when the sea levels began fluctuating. Sea walls that had been constructed in the past were no match to the rising waters as they begun compromising the dykes and flooding the reclaimed land.




The city of romance has not been left out either. Once famed as the most romantic destination on the globe, today the romantic city faces a treat of being reclaimed by the sea. The city was built across 117 low lying islands in the Venetian Lagoon.

As it grew there was no impending treats besides flooding caused by a rare rogue wave, but in the last century the ocean has constantly invaded the city causing destruction and loss.

With this impending threat increasing day to day, the nation has come together to construct sea walls that are aimed at stopping the encroaching waters.


A nation that has its fare share of disaster is not left out either, earth quakes, tsunamis; rising sea levels have all ravaged the nation throughout history. Kushiri Island, Japan is a Japanese island that has taken the approach of constructing sea walls to protect against sea waves that pound and flood the island. This has made parts of the island to resemble a fort but not protecting against human invaders but rather the surrounding waters.

The story is the same around the world with many nations bracing themselves for the future. Cities constructed on low lying areas all fall under treat from rise sea levels. The best solution to fight this treat is by defending ourselves by building bigger and stronger sea walls and dykes. This can be done to certain place and nations will need to prioritize the most important for protection leaving the unfortunate areas to their fate.


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