Seafarer’s Day Special: Importance of Seafarers in the World

Seafarers are individuals who spend a lot of time on sea transporting cargo’s and goods of other commercial and personal purpose to different parts of the world. They help a lot in the international business as about ninety per cent of international business is still done by sea. The figure may sound exaggerated but it is nothing but the fact. The life they lead is challenging and perhaps one of the toughest jobs that we know today.

Seafarer's Day

Seafarer’s Day


They spend months on the sea. For months they don’t see family and friends. This may seem impossible to many of us. The job can be moth emotionally and physically very stressful. However, now we will give you a brief idea about the importance of seafarers in the world.

The IMO recognizes the importance of the human force that is behind the sea lines. Every ship on the sea has a crew of dedicated and efficient people who do the task assigned to them and ensure that the goods are transported to the given destination in the given time. There are many guidelines that are made by IMO to ensure that the people involved in the shipping lines get a good life during their stay in the ship. They should get a clean environment.

Basic hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained so that people on board fall sick less. Proper trained doctors must be on board so that the seafarers can be attended to in ill health. These guidelines are mandatory for all seafarers to follow. IMO with ILO has come up with many policies that can help the seafarers get a better life.

There are around one and a half million seafarers in the world. The number is only expected to increase. The requirement is such. They must be appreciated for the job they are doing and the commendable service that they are providing to the world. International trade would freeze if these men did not do what they are doing. Necessities like fuel that make our everyday life run are transported via sea.

Just imagine what you would do if there was no gas in your car. It’s not that they are only sacrificing their family life. The risk of life on sea is also quite high especially with the pirates and other accidents that we keep hearing. In spite of these hazards the seafarers continue to do their job undeterred by bad weather and loneliness. They serve not only their own country but the world as a whole.

They are perhaps not recognized much but the job they do form a basis for today’s economy and world trade. The idea was to give you a basic idea about the importance of seafarers in the world. Next time you feel your job is bad just imagine the job life of a seafarer. I am sure you will start loving your job. Now that you know their contributions you will be able to appreciate them more. This is the basic intention of this write up.

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