Shipbuilding Myths

When man began adventuring on boats and ships out at sea some centuries back there was little in the form of technology or answers to mysterious events that happened so many sailor and shipbuilding myths developed as a result of this inability to explain the reasons or predict an event in future. This automatically triggered people associated to shipping in the day and age to resort to creating myths to solve or blame for issues or problems they could not answer or predict would happen.

Shipbuilding Myths

Shipbuilding Myths True / False and Why?

Sailor and shipbuilding myths were also created to avoid doing thing that were not practical to follow in the day and age, such as bringing deceased sailors bodies back on ships. People created these myths to explain the difficulties of doing some things as well as to explain events that were unexplainable at that time. Bad weather, rough seas, and loss of life and vessels at sea all developed a myth explaining the reason they happened.

As these myths were slowly made up so did ship building myths that were associated to accidents and delays that had happened during ship building processes? As time passed and the myths were passed on to future generations of shipbuilders the myth only grew stronger and soon they would associate different bad habits to the myths to discourage shipbuilders from indulgencing in unacceptable behaviors.

At the time this was the best solution people had to controlling peoples behavior concerning something and the integration of myths and religious dissatisfactions and punishment made meant of the ship builder maintain a steady pass while working. Each incident was related to a god since in those days many people believed in different gods associated to different events life accidents , drought, floods or rough seas and death, a god would be associated with each event. A sort of thing NOT to be done be associated to the people thus creating a fear of disobeying god and getting punished through injury sickness or death.

These shipbuilding myths have had a strong grip on many traditional ship builders around the world who still practice these beliefs in the 21st century. With the technological advances made in the 20-21st century many of these myths have been decoded giving the reasons why they were created in the first place. But since the explanation has been made to the reasons these neural events happen it was not in a sailors best interest to disobey stories he had heard from his father and grandfather that were blamed of causing these disasters.

Technology is rapidly changing traditional views but is still considered by many even though it is clear that many beliefs are explainable with today’s technology but this does not allow the human to depend solely on technology to keep him safe and studies have shown that 99% of people will choose pray for safety from God, even if not done openly or aloud many choose spiritual guidance to safeguard them during any form of work.

There are many different beliefs that are associated to work and safety and many shipbuilding myths correspond to modern day myths in different industries that may have no relation whatsoever. This correlation between different myths in sectors that have no relation at all proves that due to the reason that the causes of things that happened were not explainable or predictable people used them to control and maintain rules by creating shipbuilders myths to maintain discipline among the workers or shipbuilders.

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