Storms at Sea: A Common Natural Phenomenon

Storm at sea is a very common natural phenomenon that keeps occurring in the sea. We have often seen many paintings by great artists of a storm in the sea. The paintings are powerful and captivating. Have you ever wondered from where these storms occur and what exactly happens behind a sea storm? Well it is a fury of nature that we cannot control.

Today man knows a lot about it and can also predict it to a certain extent. Often alert messages are given in the coastal areas and belts expecting bad weather. The fishermen and the ships on the high sea are told to take extra care and be safe. In spite of all these measures and precautions every year a lot of ships get caught in these violent storms. Millions worth of cargo and priceless life is lost.

It is generally observed that a storm occurs when there is a low pressure occurrence and is surrounded by high pressure. The stronger the intensity of these pressure difference the more violent the storm becomes. The storms are generally associated with strong and dense cloud formation. You can also notice whirlwinds before a severe storm. The ice storm is one when the temperatures fall drastically.

Blizzard is also a very dangerous type of storm that is very common in United States. A snow storm is so strong that it can cut trees and as a result of this power failure is very common. Making it almost impossible to commute and move around. Fire storms lead to jungle fires and destroy a lot of forests. However, sea storm or ocean storm is the most common form of storm that we see. They are considered to be the most powerful storm on earth; they have the capacity to sink huge ships.
In history many huge sea storms were recorded in the past. Some of the most significant ones are listed here. You will be surprised that the biggest wave measured in a sea storm is 1740 feet. It was in Lituya Bay the south east coast of Alaska. The mariners, who have survived violent sea storms that hammer ships mercilessly, claim that they have seen waves as huge as two hundred feet. Rogue Waves and freak Waves are also commonly seen in many sea storms. They are also shown in many movies.

The sea storms in high sea are absolutely magnetic and their impacts are so strong that even the mightiest of ships cannot stand. The mariners have the best stories to say about these storms that occur from nowhere and then vanish into nothingness. Some storms last for seconds where as there are few that can even go on for as long as twelve hours. A lot of study has been put in on how these storms occur. A max wave observation was also put in place. With satellites circulating earth more and more information is gathered about these storms. That have helped in saving a lot of lives and ships in the last few years.

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