Submarine Sailors

Considered to be one of the most stressful jobs in the world, submarine sailors face many challenges during service. Many people consider being in marine service being a challenging job but this job beats most of them. Cooped under water for prolonged periods of time could lead to severe psychological problems for untrained people.

Unlike the normal sailing vessel that could bring a common man aboard the vessel and start him off at a lower rank, on submarines sailors must undergo intensive training and have ample experience before being added as crew members. Conditions faced by submarine sailors are extreme compared to ordinary sea men. In this case we are speaking about military submarines. Although private submarine are also available these days, mostly used to survey underwater pipelines and oil rigs they are not very demanding since the duration of time spent under water is considerably less compared to time spent on military vessels.

With modern technology allowing submarines to stay submerged indefinitely, surfacing to get food only. Missions under water have become increasing long adding to the pressure the sailors need to adjust to while on duty. With this in mind many submarine crew have been allotted shorter periods at sea since the pressure seems to mount more than normal marine vessels.

When posted with a submarine just enjoying some sun becomes a luxury since you are mostly under water. While on duty the confined space doesn’t make I easier for the sailor. Restricted movement in a confined space takes some training before getting used to but even the most experienced submarine sailor will admit that they miss the space on board other vessels

Today modern submarines are mostly power used nuclear energy; this means they don’t require any refueling for years at a time. This has solved the problem of refueling where as a modern method of purifying sea water called reverse osmosis. This makes sure that the submarine personnel have clean drinking water on board. Another major obstacle that way overcome recently was the creation of oxygen without surfacing to get it. Oxygen generator also knows as air scrubbers have been installed on submarines. They extract oxygen from water to replenish the oxygen level within the vessel. And the carbon dioxide and other gases are pumped out.

With these aspects solved the only thing subs need to come on the surface for are food and sunlight. Off course they don’t stay under water for weeks at a time but drill can keep them there for up to two weeks or more. This is done to keep the sailors ready for any kind of mission that may be required. Submarine sailors are mostly experience spy missions that investigate other countries sea activity and mock drills but submarines have been used to strike unsuspecting enemies on secret missions around the world.

Due to their stilt they are undetectable to the naked eye and can creep up to the enemy, strike and depart with no one knowing what happened and from where the attack took place from.


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