Testing Ship Ropes Now in Development.

In recent years synthetic fiber has been widely accepted in the shipping industry replacing organic fiber rope due to there durability and strength but there has been little technology that has been dedicated towards testing of the rope during and after manufacture but now there is.

The problem of rope testing has urged the rope manufacturer Lankhorst Ropes to develop a machine that can test rope before use on ships and rigs. This new machine has been assembled at it fiber rope production unit in Portugal.
It is meant to test the quality of rope and checking its elasticity after prolonged periods of use in deep waters. Waves also cause damage to the twine on the rope thus making it weaker with attachment of sea creators being another cause of damage. The machine is developed to test all these aspects so a report can be compiled. This report will help in judging the quality of rope used to anchor major rigs and ships out at sea and also to avoid accident that may occur due to rope failure.

More info at: http://www.offshore-mag.com/index/article-display/2650309968/articles/offshore/volume-71/issue-3/engineering_-construction/developing-testing-criteria-for-long-lifespan-ropes.html

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