The Bermuda Triangle Mystery

The Bermuda Triangle mystery is quite popular and is also referred to as the Devil’s Triangle. What attaches the word mystery to this area of Bermuda Triangle is the fact that many aircraft’s and sea vessels are said to have disappeared mysteriously is in this region. Reasons like error, machinery failure, piracy, or natural disaster have not been able to explain the causes of these disappearances. Hence the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most fascinating mysteries of modern times, apart from others such as the Lochness Monster.

Location of Bermuda Triangle

Location of Bermuda Triangle

Is The Bermuda Triangle Real?

There is no specific area that is recognized as the Bermuda Triangle. Tentatively some consider it to cover the Straits of Florida, the Bahamas and the Carribean Islands. The other territory that is considered falling under the Triangle covers the coast of Miami, San Juan, Puerto Rico and the island of Bermuda in the Atlantic.

The triangle is also thought to be crossing over to the land. A large part of the triangle is covered by the Sargasso Sea. The sea derives its name from the seaweed called sargassum found freely in the waters. The waters of the sea are marked by a complete calm and immobility, when the currents surrounding the waters are strong. The Sargasso Sea changes its position with the change in temperature and weather.

When it comes to marine traffic it is one of the busiest routes. Often cruise and cargo ships travel through the area. The route is also heavily traveled via aircrafts despite the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and myths surrounding the facts.

Imaginary Scene of Bermuda Situation

Imaginary Scene of Bermuda Situation

History Of Bermuda Triangle Mystery

According to some authors, the unexplainable events were reported as early as 1492 when Christopher Columbus crossed the region. It is said that the compass played around and did not point towards the right direction. The first article discussing the Triangle was published in the September of 1950. The article was put together by E.V.W Jones and was published through the Associated Press.

The next article followed in the FATE magazine. The article reported disappearance of several ships and airplanes. The article also discussed the disappearance of FLIGHT 19.

This started an array of articles reports about the mysterious triangle. Airplanes and ships are reported to have vanished while in communication with the grounds for reasons beyond explanation. The adjacent picture shows an imaginary image by an artist where a ship is about to plunge into the depths of the ocean, perhaps made to explain mystic disappearance of ships and airplanes.

Theories Explaining The Bermuda Triangle Mystery & Vanishing Acts

Various theories have been used to explain the mystery of the Bermuda triangle. These disappearances have been attributed to paranormal reasons, laws of physics and even extraterrestrial beings. The various theories that are widely discussed to explain the phenomenon are:

  • Magnetic Variation Theory
  • The presence of Methane Hydrates
  • The Huthison Effect
  • The Gulf Stream
  • Hurricanes experienced in the area
  • Acts of destruction
  • Human error
  • The phenomenon of supernatural, paranormal

Discussion in detail of each of these theories would probably make this page too long and a bit boring so will take up detailed indepth study of these theories and the probability of that theory being the actual one, in our later articles.

There is no theory that has been accepted unconditionally. Some of the missing people have also been wrongly attributed to the Bermuda Triangle. Data and statistics have been quoted in order to reject a phenomenon like the Deadly Triangle. According to the records of the United States Coast Guard, the number of disappearances that have taken place in the region is insignificant in comparison to the traffic that moves in this region.

The Coast Guard claims to publish their data after due research and enquiries. In the case of sinking of the tanker SSV.A. Fogg, in the Gulf of Mexico, the Coast Guard claims to have photographed the wreck and recovered bodies.

Skeptics also attribute the popularity of the paranormal and mystery theories for reasons of being popularity. One of the contentions that the skeptics use in their support is that if the Bermuda Triangle is said to cross the land also then why vehicles and people moving on the land in this area vanished.

NB – such a topic raises many an eyebrow and many of the readers might have their valuable thoughts and suggestions, perhaps from their reasoning or possibly actual experience of some kind related to the Bermuda triangle. We would request you to share your thoughts if so with the world using the form below.

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