The Science Behind Bermuda, If It’s There

Bermuda triangle is a topic that we all have read about somewhere or the other. It is something that has been fascinating the generations. The scientists have proposed many theories against the mysterious disappearance of ships and planes in this area. Some of the theories will be discussed in this article.

Well before we move to the theories. What makes Bermuda triangle so popular. It is known for thousands of missing ships, over centuries. No one knows where they go and how they go. The count is also not exact. The numbers might be much higher. There have been theories of alien invasion behind these missing ships. Sounds funny, but cannot be ruled out completely. Such is the fascinating mystery of Bermuda Triangle.

The location of Bermuda triangle is in the Atlantic Ocean, the triangle is formed by Bermuda, Miami, San Juan, Florida and San Juan. The area it covers is about five hundred thousand square miles. It is also known as the Devil’s triangle due to its reputation. The trench is deep; it is expected to be about fifty feet deep.

The most popular theory that scientists put forward for these mysterious disappearances is of methane hydrates. Methane is a gas that is found on large scale in this area. It makes the density of the water high as a result it loses it buoyancy and ultimately leads to ships sinking. It has been proved that methane can also affect planes. Methane can make the plane loose the actual lift it is in. For example a plane is trying to increase its altitude the methane in the air will ensure that it plane loses its height while it is trying to fly, and eventually fall into the sea by losing its altitude. Methane when in contact with the gas in the engine can make the planes sink faster than expected.

Another very popular theory is of Sargasso Sea, the sea in this triangle area has no shores and the currents are very high which makes the ships loose direction and eventually sink. Some believe that an electronic fog appears from nowhere in this area and effects the radar and instruments in the ship and plane that eventually leads to this. There are more theories that scientists put forward. Perhaps with time we will come across many more. The mystery still remains as to what exactly happens to the ships and planes. Where do they go and more importantly why are there no traces?

The more we search the more interesting becomes the mystery, just few years back the scientists have discovered glass pyramids in the Bermuda triangle, pyramids that are much larger than the pyramids in Egypt and are made of a crystal like material. Technology has made a lot of progress in the last few years. However, we have still not been able to understand the concept of Bermuda triangle yet. I don’t have the answer to when exactly we will get a complete idea about this black hole on earth. Perhaps never, maybe there is something that should always remain unsolved; this must be one of them.

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