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Top 10 Cruise Companies

Cruise the sound itself feels us with excitement and a holiday mood. All of us want to go on a cruise at least once in our life and why not after all it gives us a once in a life time memory too. Well many of us feel cruise is not safe or they are scared that the cost of a cruise is something that they cannot afford. Well these points are not true.

The cruise is a safe place to be in and there will be a crew who are dedicated to serve you and protect you all the time. As far as the cost is concerned you can get any budget cruise online. From an economic one to a luxurious one you name it and it will be arranged for you. If you feel that it is going to burn a hole in your pocket just give it a second thought. It will definitely be a holiday to remember. The money that you need to spend can be arranged by a good financial planning. We in this article will now discuss about the top 10 cruise companies in the world. This will help you get a better idea of how professional these cruises are and also give you a fair idea of the safety concerns.

Cruise has been a way of travel for many from a long time. In the olden days only the rich could afford it and its luxury. However, in today’s world due to high competition and too many cruise lines operating across the world even the common man can think of taking a cruise. Well if you are planning to take an exotic cruise vacation and don’t know how to go about it. I am sure this article will definitely help you.

The first in the list of the top 10 cruise companies is the very reputed Hapag-Lloyd fleet. It was launched in 1999. If you want this cruise you will have to go via travel agents in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The ship is the best in the world. It has huge space. Staff on the cruise is always dressed formally and you can expect to get the best service on this cruise. Staff of the ship speaks German only as a result it may be a difficult place to be in for a foreigner. You can get the best food here. Now days to attract tourists the crew has adapted to English as the second language. There is a huge swimming pool. Smoking is not allowed in most part of the ship.

The ship is smooth sailing and has the most advanced propulsion system in place. The experience is absolutely exclusive no doubt that is exactly why we place it at the top of all. They also arrange theme cruises like golf & cruise, Gourmet cruise, etc. You can select them as per your interests.

The next in the list of the top 10 cruise companies that we are about to discuss is the Regent seven sea cruise. It has a capacity of seven hundred guests. However, for a more private voyage four hundred and ninety should be fine. The Regent has good marketing strategies. It has been giving the customers good packaged deals. The guests can select if they want to spend some nights in five star hotels, sightseeing and drinks are also given as complimentary to the guests. All cabins in the ship have balconies that are another unique selling point. The meal spread is huge. Drinks and wine is served to the guests. We definitely recommend the cruise. Well if you are planning to go with families then let us tell you there are no connecting rooms in here. It sails to Africa, India, Alaska, Europe, United Kingdom, United States and Caribbean. You name it and the destination is on the list. They give special offers to the guests from time to time. If you are lucky then you too may get a good deal. The guests have always given great reviews about this cruise ship.

If you want to enjoy true luxury then you must give this cruise a try. Some points that must be mentioned here to give you an idea of the luxury that you can expect here are namely marble appointed bathroom and shower, welcome bottle of champagne, binoculars in the suite itself, the closets are so big that you can walk into them, etc.

We now move on to the Crystal Cruise. It has two large fleets that can accommodate about nine hundred and forty guests. It has almost been awarded all the awards possible for being the best large cruise ship. It has an Italian restaurant called Pergo which is the best restaurant in the sea. The dining services on this cruise in unparallel. In the year 2012 this cruise went live with drinks in the cruise fare. There is a huge amphitheatre and a screen where cultural programs are performed. The screen is used to know movies at times.

The training that is provided to the staff is most comprehensive and of very high quality. It covers almost the whole world. You can select the destination of your choice on consultation with the experts. They too have some awesome offers for their guests that you can avail when you contact them. They too arrange for theme cruises. The unique part of this cruise is that twice a day your room service will supply your room with fresh flowers. This is something that you cannot experience in any other cruise across the world. The cruise also has a penthouse that is well furnished. It has separate living and dining areas. A separate workout studio and there are three flat screen televisions in the room itself. It has a feng Sui spa. It is the only feng Sui spa in the sea and has been rated as the best for many consecutive years. These more or less make the Crystal Cruise as part of the top 10 cruise companies list.

When we talk about top 10 cruise companies we have to mention Sea dream yacht club. It is rated as the best cruise ship in the world by the passengers. Less than two hundred people can travel in this cruise a week. The one word to describe the service is outstanding. The food provided is the best no doubt. The space is a constraint on this ship. However, the price is definitely economical and people find it value for money. The unique part of this cruise is that it has a Balinese bed that the guests can use to sleep. This is an outdoor bed and the guests can get a feel of sleeping under the stars. It covers areas like Greek Island, British Virgin Islands and Croatia.

You can enjoy water sports when you are on this ship. Both the ships of this cruise line has retractable marina this helps the guests to get the ultimate yachting experience. This you will perhaps not enjoy in any other cruise all across the world. To get a truer feel of yachting the crew arranges for flowing champagne toasts. There are barbeques arranged so that the guests can enjoy a good day. If you thought that cruises are fun only after the sun goes down then Sea dream yacht club will definitely make you change your mind. They too come up with good offers from time to time that you can avail if you want to. The guests no doubt have a blast when they are on this cruise. The cruise has been awarded with many prestigious awards in the past. The latest was the Berlitz Ocean Cruising and cruise ships 2013. No wonder this finds a strong place in our list of the top 10 cruise companies.

Sea bourn cruise line is the next that we are about to name in our list of top 10 cruise companies. It is one the reason why carnival cruise line is so popular.

The ships are sleek and perhaps the best designed ones in the world. The latest addition to the line is the Odyssey. It covers continents of Asia, Middle East and Africa. The ship is like a club. Any activity or entertainment you name it and you will have it on this cruise. The dinner is a gala event every night. The crew is professional but not too formal like the other cruise we have discussed before. There is a restaurant that is more private where people who want some peaceful time can spend their evening. The cruise is run by the Carnival cruise line. This is exactly why the guests never face much concern.

The financial of the main company ensures that the ship always has a smooth sail. It is a big party on the cruise all the time and is definitely a good way to have fun. This is exactly why a lot of young people take this cruise. It has a open bar that serves liquor in the evening. It too has a water sports marina for the guests to enjoy during the day. The destination that they cover span all across the globe you can select any location that you want to explore and the arrangements will be done. The pool side is just breathtakingly beautiful. On request the crew is trained to give you the best neck massage that you have ever experienced.

Now it’s time to discuss the seventh name on the list of the top 10 cruise companies. The name is none other than the Silver sea cruise line. It covers Europe, South America and Asia. It is an all inclusive cruise with a quality standard that is unmatched in the world. It is a luxury cruise. You need to dress up formally. If you want to have a party in the cruise then this is not the cruise for you. It has a capacity of three hundred passengers.

The crew is well trained and will no doubt pamper you. The next in the line of the top 10 cruise companies is the Orion cruises. It is a very popular cruise. It is an Australian cruise company. They cover a huge area that spans from the Antarctica to Borneo. The guest can select any itinerary that they like. It accommodates about one hundred and six passengers at a time and has a very well trained crew of about seventy five people. It was launched in 2003 and has the most sophisticated technology. If you have a thing for adventure only then you will like this cruise. This is so because the cruise takes you to exotic locations. The restaurant serves good food. There is a lounge that plays good music and those who want to enjoy a dance can do so in this lounge. The cabins are spacious and comfortable.

The ninth spot of our list of the top 10 cruise companies is strongly held by the Azamara cruises. This cruise line perhaps includes the whole world in it list of places. It has cruise in Europe, Mediterranean, Asia, South America, the West Indies, Central America and even the United States. The cruise has very long travels as a result the guests can spend more time on the cruise as well as in the onshore destinations. It can accommodate six hundred and ninety four guests at the same time. The staff is well trained for exclusively formal. They ensure that the guests are taken care of. Entertainment options are many on the cruise. The price is quite competitive and value for money is definitely there. They have spas and gyms for the guests on board. Most of the guests give good review about their experience on this cruise.

The last but not the least spot of the top 10 cruise companies list is given to the Paul Gauguin cruises. It takes the guests on a magical journey of Tahiti and south pacific. This is perhaps the only cruise that can take you to these exotic places. It also has cruises to Europe, Caribbean and Latin America. It is one of the most beautiful cruises you can ever experience. They have well trained staff to look after the guests. You can enjoy activities like scuba diving when you board this cruise. They have a well equipped spa and fitness centre. The cruise is full of life and activities for all. The cabins are cosy and neat. The food that you will find on this cruise is just amazing. They have many special offers going on for the guests. They also give up to fifty percent discount at times. You can visit their site for more information on the same.

These are the very well known and accepted as the top 10 cruise companies of the world. If you are looking for an exotic cruise experience then you can definitely get in touch with any one of these. We assure you that you will definitely not be disappointed. You can just Google the names that we have just mentioned and contact them regarding any further information. So which is the one that you select for your next cruise holiday? Have a wonderful time and a once in a life time experience.

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