Top Ocean Carriers

In today’s world we have an array of top ocean carriers that we can choose from to transport our cargo from place to place. The tables have turned and new carriers in the business are competing the old boys by providing better facilities to their clients.

Top Ocean Carriers

Top Ocean Carriers

Although the biggest carriers still remain at the top, they have had to adapt to changes and service delivery methods that other carriers have implemented to keep their lead in the market without losing market share. The companies maintain the top spots due to their association to shipping in the public’s eyes with many clients preferring to use a well recognized shipping company. This should not be case since the smaller ones also provide services that are just as good, with the only difference registered in the amount of vessels each company has.

It has been observed that some big companies hire private vessels to transport their client’s cargo to destination routes that their own vessels don’t sail yet the smaller marine carriers hardly ever make it to the headlines except for when a disaster happens. This attitude towards small carriers has undermined their development and we as the public need to re-examine the way we judge different circumstances.

With the long distance hauls being dominated by the big boys the story has changed regarding short distances. Resident shipping companies have the majority market capital since they have won the trust of the resident business men over time. Shipping around all continents is fully dominated by the local shipping companies. They have greatly improved services that can be compared to the top ocean carriers and follow IMO regulations.

Very few small private companies have ventured in to long haul business since they have not got the opportunity to do so. Their vessels may uphold the quality and safety standards required by the IMO but due to the lack of organized bulk cargo they have few chances to voyage these long distances. India, china, south Africa, among many other nations have vessels that have capability to sail but lack organization of bulk cargo and trust from the public’s and business community to transport goods over the high seas.

Luxury cruise vessels are a totally different case since these are mostly privaly owned the small companies has high stakes when it comes to market share. Passengers pay to sail on cruise ships for leisure and the vessels mostly sail at a closer distance to land. With tight budgets customer scrutinize for the carrier that gives the cheapest price with the best services. This gives the best ocean carriers an even playing field with no bias to a company that is well established in the business.

Today with the availability of the best technology aboard marine vessels more effort should be emphasized on services provided on board a vessel instead of number of vessels to determine the best ocean carriers and by concentrating just on this quality of services delivered we may receive a rude shock when a small shipping company unknown to any one, turns up at the top of the list as top ocean carrier


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