Tracking Container Ships

As you may experience recently, there has been substantial changes in the postal parcel department. The ability to track your letter or parcel as it moves towards its destination has helped reduce stress that parcel sender had in the past. Today technology allows us to wake up in the morning or at any other time we please and tracking container ships by just punching in some number and have the information we were looking for.

tracking container ships

tracking container ships

This ability to track our belongings as they are transported was begun due to the reason of loss. Lack of information would result in cargo being lost at sea or the wrong destination resulting in huge losses for the sender and receivers of such cargo. With complaints increasing and customers beginning to lose confidence in cargo carriers, something had to be done to regain customer confidence.

The United States had made advances in worldwide satellite communication many back but the technology was a closely hidden military secrete. The technology was used as early as 1962 but remained in position of the military for the next few decades before being unveiled to the public. Before this communication was restricted to wire line telephones and letters, bulky cargo would be transported on ships with no guarantee on the delivery. The introduction of satellite communication in to the private sector made a major difference to the way people had viewed the shipping industry, suddenly mobile communication was available directly from the source to the destination. Radio communication was also available before this but it meant that the massage would be relayed several times before reaching its final destination. The weather also played a major part in radio communication this was all changed by satellite communication. After this major development entrepreneurs began developing powerful commuter that would interact with the satellite to communicate data.

During this technological revolution the GPS (Global Positioning System) was also born. Again developed and used by the military, the technology slowly found its way in to the private sector. The GPS unit would allow the user to access detailed information on his coordinates among other vital information anywhere on the globe with help of satellites. This advance began the age of tracking container ships, each company in the business who wanted to remain competitive had to adopt this new technology. It made a huge difference and soon vessel movements could e tracked. Just tracking the vessels soon proved not to be enough as lost cargo claims still streamed in. this was later solved by labeling all cargo with specific bar coding before loading it on to the vessels. Tracking container ships has today developed in to easily accessible information that can be accessed by whoever wishes. IMO regularly checks and tracks these vessels, this helps determine each vessel coordinates incase the vessels requires to be rerouted incase of weather conditions or during times of distress, vessels nearby can be deployed to help the distressed vessel.

Technology is to thank for all these developments the world has today and tracking container ships has improved customer confidence to such a extent that customers free reassured that they can check on their cargo daily as it travels over the high seas to its destination anywhere around the world .


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