Treasures Under The Sea

Sea was the oldest means of transport known to man. During the colonial rule a lot of treasure was taken by the Britishers from the countries they ruled to England. Similarly when international trade started a lot of precious gems and other valuable were carried from one part of the world to the other. It was used for trading since centuries. In the olden days the technology was not so advanced and many ships would be destroyed by the fierce forces of Mother Nature. It would be impossible to trace the ships and the valuables that it was carrying. Apart from nature a lot of treasure was lost when pirates attacked these ships. Some of these ships would sink and along with it would sink all the treasures it was carrying.

Treasures Stories: Fact or Fiction

There are many stories of treasures that were lost in the sea. It is quite thrilling to believe that there is a lot of treasure under the sea and if we dive down we may become a millionaire. Well the fact is not as interesting as fiction. There is no doubt that a lot of valuable treasure was lost in the sea. Some of them were washed to the shores and most of it went under the sea. The sea water is alkaline. It reacts with metals.

Treasures Under The Sea

Treasures Under The Sea

When precious gold and stones go deep into the base of the sea they slowly start to degenerate. These items change beyond recognition with time. The degradation is so bad that only experts can see these items and tell that once upon a time they were really valuable. There is very little light near the sea bed that makes it very difficult to locate these treasures.

Gold Coins?

You cannot find gold coins and stones shining under the sea. They become black and lose their lustre. If the treasure is not very old perhaps there is some hope of getting them back to the original form. If the treasure is more than fifty years old it is impossible to get it back to its original form. There are a lot of stories and movies that talk about how treasures were lost and then found in the sea. Well these are mostly fictions. There are very few such stories that actually happened.

Deep Diving

Moreover you will have to dive really deep in the sea to locate the hidden and lost treasures. This is not possible for everyone. You will need equipments to dive down to the bed of the sea. The treasure often gets embedded in the sea bed. They are fixed so tightly that you will have to dig the sea bed and then take out these items. This again is not possible without the help of heavy machines. If you look at the practicality of getting these hidden treasure out you will find that it is almost impossible.

Another important point about treasures under the sea is that these items have more intrinsic value than face value. For example if you find a silver plate with the emblem of the British Empire the metallic value must have deteriorated considerably. However, once the plate is washed and processed with chemicals in the lab it will get back its lustre and the face value will be huge. It can get placed in a museum and you may get the credit of being the person to discover this rare item.

Government Property

Many countries across the world have strict rules for such items found. The rules say that if a person happens to find a special and rare item from the sea bed he or she must hand it over to the government authorities. If it is not done then it can even be considered as a crime and one can be prosecuted. These items belong to the nation and not to the individuals who located them. Many expert teams of divers have searched the sea beds across the world and most of the valuables have already been located.

Many people have spent a lot of their lives in searching for treasures under the sea. There are not many success stories in these adventures. Instead people have landed up losing their lives. It is indeed thrilling to look for ships that have gone under the sea years ago. Many such ships have been located too. Valuables have been found in and around these ships. Most of these valuables have been removed and kept in the museums.

Old Ship Wrecks

There are very few old ship wrecks that you will see under the sea today. In case you want to dive down to get a glimpse of lost treasure then you will definitely be disappointed. However, you can dive just for fun and to have a look at ships that were lost years ago.

You can find hidden treasure buried but you cannot expect to find them once they go deep under the sea. Anyways you can still keep looking for the treasures under the sea. You never know you may be lucky and come across something that is rare and precious indeed.


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