Types Of Cargoes Transported In Ships

Ships carry most of the cargoes around the world. It is the pillar on which the world trade depends on. Have you ever wondered, what are the goods that the ships generally carry from one country to another? We will discuss the types of cargoes transported in ships. The ships carry all hazardous and heavy cargoes that cannot be sent by air.

1. Live stock:

The ships often carry live stock from one country to another. These are special ships that are designed for livestock alone. There are some countries where the demand for livestock is high for meat and leather. However, they don’t have enough supply to meet the demands. These countries import livestock using these ships. It is one of the most important and commercially essential goods that the ships often carry.

2. Misc Animals

When you visit a zoo you are fascinated to see animals that are perhaps not even found in your country. These animals are mostly moved by the ships. Next time you spot a polar bear in United States or a Giraffe in India you should have some idea about how these animals travelled from the country of their origin. Wild animals are also a popular cargo that is often moved using a ship.

3. Fish & Seafood

The next in the list of the types of cargoes transported in ships is fish. Many fishing companies use large ships to catch fish. Especially for deep sea fishing. These ships are equipped in such a way that they can store fishes that were caught for some days. Some of these ships have provision to process the fish caught so that they can be stored longer. We often have fish as a regular food. Next time you see a fish you must know that they were brought to your supermarket in a large ship. Some countries have special fish that cannot be found in other parts of the world. These fish are imported and exported using special ships. These ships are also used for crabs and other marine animals. Sometimes the aquariums also need unique fishes. These are also moved using the ships. These fish are kept in special containers that have provision for fresh water. This ensures that the fish is fresh when delivered.

4. Petroleum Products

Another very important types of cargoes transported in ships is petroleum. This is called the black gold. When you visit your nearest petrol pump to fill gas. You must know one thing for sure that the gas was brought there in ships. These ships if don’t reach on time you will not get the most essential supply of petroleum. This is the life blood of the nation. Imagine a day without petrol and you will understand the importance. Petrol is in demand all across the country. Some countries have a huge natural stock of petroleum and some countries don’t. When there is no properly supply to meet the demand of petrol it is imported. The petroleum is one of the most traded items in international trade.

5. Fresh Water

Fresh water may seem to be unique types of cargoes transported in ships. However, it is true that fresh water is also imported and exported using the ships. Many countries of the world do not have enough fresh water. This is exactly why they are sent from other countries using the ships. It is one of the most important and life saving items that is often transported using the ships.

6. Heavy Machinery

One of the very important types of cargoes transported in ships is heavy machinery. This is very commonly transported using the sea. Mainly because they are so heavy and huge that they cannot be transported using the flights. They are lifted into the ships using cranes. Sometime huge containers are also used to store these heavy products before they are imported and exported. These machines are used in the industries and in the development of the country.

7. Defense Equipment

Sea transport is also meant for the army. When defence uses the sea for transport it is called the navy. There are some very powerful navies in the world. When we talk of army the first picture you get is of huge guns and weapons. In today’s world of nuclear bombs even these become a cargo that is shipped from one country to another in a ship. The security is very tight when such heavy weapons are shifted. This would be the next types of cargoes transported in ships. Mainly because these cannot be transported using planes due to security reasons.

8. Fruits & Vegetables

Apart from the ones that we have mentioned above even fruits and vegetables are transported using the sea. Special containers that are designed to store these perishable items are used to transport these. Some countries have good fruits and flowers. They may be producing excess of these items. What do they do with the extra stock? It is exported to the other countries.

9. Furniture

Furniture and even expensive cars are also transported by the sea. You name it and the same is transported using the sea. In today’s world sea is extensively used for transporting even clothes and other things. The amount of these transports are lesser compared to the ones that we have mentioned before.

We hope that you have got a good idea of the types of cargoes transported in ships. next time you see any of these commercially traded items you will know that there was a ship that might have brought it to your country.

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