Under Water Welding And Ships

Welding we all know is an activity of getting two metal plates together by using high temperature to get them fused together and join as one piece. This high temperature flame that is used in welding is the main component in welding. We will now discuss about under water welding which is also known as the hyperbaric welding.

Why Under Water Welding?

It is the normal process of welding itself. The only difference is that it is done under water. Well you may be wondering why we need to do welding under water. Well there is a huge need for welding under the water. This is required mainly because of ships. Ships are huge metal bodies that float on water. Being metal bodies they often need welding.

UnderWater Welding

Under Water Welding

Ships have a major part of them inside the water. This is exactly why the body of the ships rusts with time. Because of this they need to be welded too. When the ship is under construction welding is comparatively easy. But when the ship is immersed in water during its normal operation or requires welding all of a sudden inside water to prevent a leakage the welding becomes a comparatively difficult task. This is exactly where under water welding or hyperbaric welding comes into play. Sometime ships are taken to a dry environment and welded. If this is not possible then the welding has to be done in the water itself.

Water Welding Technique

In water welding as it is done under water a water proof electrode is used. In this type of welding shielded metal arc welding process is used. Some also use flux cored arc welding.

Friction welding is another type of underwater welding. In shielded metal arc welding is a manual welding method that is done using a flux coated electrode. Direct current or alternating current is mostly used in this process from a welding power supply. The process is simple this is exactly why it is commonly used in under water welding process.

Possible in Deep Seas?

The underwater welding process has a limitation it cannot be done at depths because in deep sea hydrogen can cause cracks on the plate. The deeper the sea the level of hydrogen increases and the level of oxygen reduces. This is exactly why the underwater welding process cannot be done in very deep sea.

Apart from this hydrogen cracking under water welding process has many other risks. Some of them are that the welder may get a shock during the process. Keeping this in mind the welding instruments used in under water welding are designed in such a way that they are absolutely safe to use. They are insulated the welder must ensure that the welding current is control. If the welding current is too strong then accidents may occur.

Combination of Diving & Welding Skills

The underwater welder has to be a very skilled diver too. Going to such deep sea with limited visibility is not something that any welder can do. The pressure there is very high and lights are low. The underwater welder takes a lot of risks. They cannot stay under water for long due to the pressure.

This is exactly why a team of underwater welders work together. They assist each other to do the welding. Many under water welders have complained of dental problems and other health issues. These under water welders are trained and skilled. They are hired by the shipping companies when there is an emergency.

They are more like contract workers. The price that is paid to the underwater welders is much higher than any other welder. These welders know their job and they also know how they are going to do it. We cannot deny that they are giving a lot at stake. This is exactly why they perhaps deserve the rates that they are paid.

The service of an underwater welder is mostly required in an emergency. The service has to be provided in a short notice and at any part of the world. There are teams of underwater welders who regularly do this job. They also admit the fact that no diver can do this job for long due to health problems and risk of life associated with the same. To compensate these risks the payments are kept high. The job that these people do save a lot of ships every year and also ensure that the cargo is safe.

We hope that by reading this article you have got a good idea of underwater welding. You will now be able to understand why this welding is essential. This should also help you to appreciate the efforts that the underwater welders are putting into this job. It is a skilled job and it promises a lot of adventure. In case you like the idea you can take it up as a profession too. You will be paid well and you will have an adventurous life.

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