Usual Family Issues Among Seafarers

High risk jobs like the air force, marines army or just being a sailor are all alike in one aspect “family complications” usual Family issues among seafarers is a common thing that many seafarers must endure through their career and for this reason many who plan to join the marine industry at a early age should receive counseling before beginning a family of their own.

The main reason that complications arise is the prolonged periods of time a person is separated from his loved ones, sadly this factor is responsible for many of the usual family issues among seafarers.

For the people who want to join any of these services think twice before starting a fully fledged family since it may carry with it complications that root themselves deep in to your old age, this does not mean that these jobs are bad or unsuitable but that the family repercussions may be devastating for an individual at a later stage.

Studies show that usual family issues among seafarers affect many sailors who serve for many years like masters who have families at home actually have lots of difficulty adjusting to their own family after retirement.

Children who grow up just occasionally meeting a sailor parent have a tendency of blaming them for not being with them during special moments during the child’s growth re-enforcing a feeling of betrayal during the child’s growth. This feeling of betrayal slowly fades off, as the person passes through his adolescence and in to his middle ages but by then the damage may have been done.

Divorce cases among sailors is another usual family issues among seafarers who marry at a young age, sailors should reconsider marriage at an early age if they are to continue with their career, early marriage as a sailor could early result in a broken marriage since many of the newly married women like to interact with their newly found partners and when the partner spends month on end at sea.

This love slowly turns in to remorse since the newlywed woman has to take on all the responsibilities of running a home while her husband is away at sea for months at a time.

But the fact that these people are responsible for our safely and transportation of daily consumer products from nation to nation must be applauded and solutions found to give them better chance at resolving usual family issues among seafarers and the best way of providing this help is though advise and counseling. Before committing towards early marriage, a sailor and his future spouse should receive intensive guidelines and advise concerning problems that may arise later during the marriage.

Providing this vital information could prepare the couple beforehand concerning what to expect and how to deal with these situations beforehand. Being prepared for this situation greatly reduces the difficulties that many couples face during the period one partner is at sea.

Groups and organizations like the navy wives welfare organization contribute towards providing support for wives that are facing difficulties adjusting to the situation.

There are many different organizations dedicated to this cause since many sailors are married and the sailor community has been facing these problems since the down of sailing. Understanding the difficulties before hand and the introduction of new technology that helps communication anywhere around the world via satellite communication has helped improve the relations between both partners.

Sadly this is not as simple for youngsters reaching in to the adolescent years, the hormonal changes in their bodies add to the difficulty of explaining the situation and the reasons involved. At a younger age children seen not to be affected as severely but during adolescence they seem to misunderstand the whole situation blaming the parent for never being with them. This is the most difficult time during a sailor’s life when his own child despises him but all is not lost since a youngster moves in to his middle age he realize the reason that his parent had to do that.

These usual family issues among seafarers are things that the ordinary civilian would never understand, but few relies what sacrifice the seafarers spouse make so as to have these jobs offshore be done. Today there is a special day dedicated t the wife of the seafarer and the hardships she must endure while her partner is at sea, this should be a testament to the dedication but should also be a reminder to the hardships that cause usual family issues among seafarers.


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