What Do You Do After You Quit Sailing Or Retire?

Well it’s a little ironic. Most of us plan to sail to distant countries once we retire and see the whole world, explore exotic locations, etc. However, for a sailor I t is quite different. They retire from sailing and have seen the whole world so sailing is definitely not an option from them.

Like any other job the retirement age for a sailor is also sixty years in case they have a proper health condition so sale till that age. The life on sea is very harsh and only few can survive it till the age of sixty. Now we are going to discuss what do you do after you quit sailing or retire.

The options are many and we are going to discuss some now.

The most important factor that bothers us about retirement is whether we will be financially strong enough. This is something that a sailor is not required to bother about as he will definitely have enough savings as the job is one of the most highly paid ones. The second concern is health. The life style that a sailor leads is a hectic one so there are possibilities that they are physically exhausted after a life of sailing. Now, the options are many.

The first and the most important thing that a sailor would like to do is spend time with family. They definitely missed the childhood of their own kids but they can make it up by playing with their grandchildren. Some of them can go on vacation with their wives as they could not take them to all the places that they have been to during their sailing years.

Well the life of sailing is hectic and you hardly get time. After just a busy life retiring and spending time at home might not be every ones cup of tea. In order to keep yourself busy do try to ensure that you get into training in sailing schools. You can write about your life and create awareness. You can also go to schools and colleges and tell students about the life of a sailor and make them interested in the profession. I personally know a sailor who always wanted to learn astrology. Now that he has retired he got himself certified as one and he is practicing now. He is very successful and has gained a lot of popularity.

What I am trying to say is that you can persue something that you always wanted to learn and do but due to hectic sailing life of yours you could not. This will definitely keep you occupied and also help you try a second career option. These are some options that we can suggest for what do you do after you quit sailing or retire. The options might be more all that you need to do is keep exploring.

I hope this article has given you a good idea of what do you do after you quit sailing or retire. I hope you will soon be able to find what you always wanted to do. Happy retiring!

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