Which is the Deepest Ocean And Where?

Earth is a mysterious planet with secrets that no one can ever unfold. One such mystery is that of the Mariana Trench. It is also known as the deepest ocean on earth. The location is western part of the Pacific Ocean. The depth of this is expected to be around thirty six thousand feet. The exact depth is still unknown.

This depth creates an unimaginable amount of pressure. Pressure that is about more than thousand time of the atmospheric pressure we live in. This also naturally increases the density of the water to about hundred times more than the density of the water at the sea level. The deepest point of this trench is ideally called the Challenger Deep.

How deep is thirty six thousand feet, well let me explain. If you can somehow manage to cut Mount Everest (the highest point on earth) and put it in Challenger Deep you will still have nothing less than a mile of water above it. The earth’s crust here gets very thin at the ocean bed this is what creates the trench. This makes it quite close to the centre of the earth. Due to the spherical shape of the earth the north and south poles are closer to the crust.

Many submarines have been sent into the trench, both manned and unmanned ones. In 1960 a Swiss submarine named Trieste that was belonging to the US navy was the first craft to touch the base of the trench. It is unbelievable that man reached the deepest part of earth only a decade before he landed on moon in 1969. After that many submarines were sent to the trench. Even James Cameron went into the trench to get inspiration for his upcoming movie.

There are many creatures that are found in this trench. The submarines have come back with details and pictures that say a lot about the marine life in the trench. The life forms include allogromiids, foraminifera , polychaete and many others. Many scientists believe that studying these organisms can help us to understand how life originated on earth. Thanks to modern technology in the last few years more and more information have been recorded about this part of the world.

About forty ships so far have gone missing in Mariana Trench. It is unbelievable that so many ships have gone missing so far. There is an interesting observation that was made some time back. The Mariana Trench is located just exactly opposite to the Bermuda triangle. Both these places are known for missing ships and boats. It is expected that there must be a link between these two places on earth as they have almost same history. Perhaps it is the magnetic field of the earth or maybe it is just a coincidence. The missing ships have never been found. What exactly happens to them? Perhaps the oceans of Mariana Trench are much deeper than what meets the eye.

These are some fascinating facts about the deepest ocean on earth. Well I hope you found this article of interest. Keep reading this space for more.

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