Why Should we Celebrate Seafarer’s Day?

Seafarers or sailors are people who travel from one country to another shipping goods and other material. They are called mariners, navy officers, sailors, etc. The job is very challenging and equally important for the trade and the commerce of the country and the economic growth of the country.

They play a vital role and also risk their life at times. Especially with harsh weather and pirates on the sea the hazards to their life are many. We are now going to discuss why we should celebrate the seafarer’s day. The sacrifices that the seafarers make are commendable. It’s just because of their contributions the world is as it is today. The day which was selected to be celebrated as seafarer’s day is 25th June. Every year this day is celebrated to create awareness about the seafarers and the contributions that they have made. This day is also included in the list of United Nations observances. This was the day when in Geneva in 1978 Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping  for Seafarers (STCW) was signed. There are a one and a half million seafarers in the world. They have been doing their jobs for years and they have never got the recognition that they deserve. This is a way that we can pay them their dues and thanks them for the remarkable job they are doing.

It’s sometimes months since they actually see their family and kids. They are obliged by contracts for month and only 3 months a year they get off. The living conditions on the ships used to be very difficult. However, now with time it has definitely improved. The best seafarer’s are recognized on this day for their contributions to the shipping lines. It is basically celebrated by the IMO. Now with the recognition that IMO is trying to give to the seafarers many other countries and organizations are also trying to celebrate this and create awareness about seafarers and recognize their achievements.

It’s high time that we identify the human element behind these and appreciate them for their contributions. There are so many professions out there that are attracting youngsters today. If we don’t appreciate the seafarers their recognition then maybe in future no one will join this profession and the repercussions may be severe.

Doing these small activities will make the young and talented individuals to join the navy and shipping lines in spite of the fact that sailors don’t have a personal life and being on sea expose them to a lot of hazards. Just paying good money and giving a lavish lifestyle might not be all that we can do to ensure that seafarers are motivated. A word of appreciation and a little recognition can do wonders to their morals and make them more efficient. I hope now you understand why we should celebrate the seafarer’s day. I hope you will be able to appreciate the role of seafarer’s more now and understand the vital role they pay in the smooth running of our day today lives.

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