Women In Merchant Navy

Since the human civilization started in most of them women were considered as the weaker sex and were confined to the four walls of the house. They were not considered as bread earners. However, the concept has changed in the last few decades and women too have started doing all that men have been doing and they are even doing it better.

Today you will find women in armed forces too. If they can fight for a country then why can’t they join the merchant navy? The year 1999, the name Sonali Banerjee was the first Indian women ever to have been certified as a marine engineer. This is perhaps just the beginning. I am sure there will be many more women who will prove themselves in merchant navy with time. We will now discuss more on women in merchant navy.

The field was always considered exclusively for men. However, lot is being done to make the environment in ships friendly for women. With time many women have taken this up as a profession. They are a handful of them worldwide but the good news is that it is increasing with time.

The life on sea involves a lot of challenge, you get to see many countries, the money you earn is good and you do make a career at the same time. Why should women be deprived of all this. Radio officers and ship doctors have been very popular job choice for women. Now they are even exploring the areas of marine engineering and deck officers.

This was a brief on how women have just started joining the merchant navy and how they are contributing to it in their own way like they have been doing in other fields and profession. So we do expect to see some more women in merchant navy.

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