Working On An Oil Rig

We all have heard of oil mines and how important they are for our day to day operations. Oil is a very vital resource that makes the world around us whatever it is today. No wonder it is also called black gold.

We will discuss a little more on oil rigs in this article with a little more emphasis on working in an oil rig. It is the only job that pays very well and no much experience is needed as most of it is on the job training. Yes you will have to be very strong physically and should be able to take the physical toll else the job is definitely fun and not like any other nine to six job. It is definitely a field that you can join if you like adventure. It is a smoother task if you know any one working in the rigs. In case you don’t then you don’t need to worry you can join an oil rig job too.

Working in an oil rig requires different level of expertise and knowledge. Some big oil giants do post advertisements on sites and newspapers. You can also contact them directly and ask them for jobs. Entry level jobs are easier to get. There are lot of these jobs in the market and takers are less. The eligibility is also quite simple one need to be eighteen year old. They must qualify a drug test and should have a pre-school degree or even a diploma can do. After joining they are trained on the basic things that they need to know to work in an oil rig. After this they are given a certification that they need to work in an oil rig. The oil companies arrange for visa for the workers as they are mostly hired from other parts of the world.

With time technology has made the oil industry more sophisticated. Huge and complex machines are used to make oil and to refine it. With more and more complicated machines being used it is becoming more and more important for oil industries to hire well educated and well versed engineers who can operate these machines and generate more volumes of oil. Considering oil industry to be one of the fastest growing industries in the world with huge man power requirement many colleges have started specialized courses for this field. Students are made aware of this as a career opportunity from school itself. People from oil industry visit the colleges to teach the students about how it is to work in an oil rig and make them interested in this very important job.

The oil companies are also look at a good research and development team who can come up with better and effective means of manufacturing oil that would lead to minimum wastage and be effective too. Some oil companies collaborate with the colleges and teach students about oil fields and the job in an oil rig. If the worker is hired from another country then they need to earn an offshore certificate. An oil rig might also need service from electricians, scaffolders and also welders. All these service providers also should be certified to do the job.

Earlier most of the people working in an oil rig used to start from entry level and then move ahead in their specialized fields. However, it is expected that with the exposure and learning the students are given now a days about oil rigs they will make a career in this field and might not have to start from the entry level always. The different types of workers in an oil rig are firstly roughneck they work on the rig deck. Mostly deal with maintaining and cleaning the rig area. They don’t have much growth chance.

The next is roustabout; they do the critical job of drilling in the rig. This gives them a chance to become a senior supervisor in the rig as they become more experienced. Helpers work as assistants with the leading electrician, welder and other ancillary workmen that are needed in an oil rig. Painter yes might sound weird but an oil rig needs to be painted on regular basis to avoid corrosion. Each and every corner of the rig must be painted from time to time. This is also a risky job as the painter might have to paint areas that are very difficult to reach and might also be suspended from a height. The oil rig also needs a motor man who does the basic maintenance of all the machines that are used in a rig including generators. The engineers look into major technical concerns when they happen. However, the motorman is responsible for any small technical issues. Deckhands also perform a very important function of securing, loading and off loading cargoes.

Steward as the name rightly suggests looks into the laundry, the food supply and other operations that is required for a smooth running of the oil rig. They help the workers in the oil rig to have a better and clean life. The rigs also have chefs appointed who work round the clock literally to provide food to the workers.

The life of a worker in an oil rig is a tough one. There are many hazards that range from health to even death. The living conditions and the leave schemes are not very attractive. Many people avoid this profession because of these challenges. However, the oil companies and the oil field operators are now a days revising their schemes and they are ensuring that people get to spend quality time with the family. The pay scales are revised and increased with experience. The health and sanitation in the oil rigs have been improved and all efforts are put in to give the workers a good life. Due to these changes more and more people are looking at taking this up as a profession.

There is very less that has been ever written about this unconventional job. However, let me assure you that we have more or less covered all the things that one needs to know about working in an oil rig. This is a good career option and has good growth opportunity too. You just need to understand if you can face these challenges and also prepare yourself for this life. Everything else will fall in its place. All the best with your job!

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