Yoga For Sailors

Yoga can be very effective for seamen who have a lot of challenges to face in day to day life. We will also try to suggest some yoga that seamen can do easily. A sailor has to spend months away from home as a result they are under huge emotional stress. They miss the important family events. Sometime it is weeks before they can even speak to the family. This causes them to get into depression and also become loners. Some of them also suffer from the pains of divorce. On the physical front they have to always be alert and a single mistake on their part can become dangerous for the ship. For these stress and challenges yoga can be a great solution.

Yoga for Seamen

Many seamen will tell you how they feel depressed when they are at the sea. They will tell stories of days when they get only few hours of sleep. They do get used to this life but they fail to find ways to motivate them. The life of a seaman is difficult and experts will tell you that not everyone can take up the role. However, it is also true that when these seamen practice yoga on a regular basis they get an internal strength and stamina to deal with this emotional and physical crisis. Many seamen have started to appreciate the value of yoga and they do spend a good amount of their time in learning the yoga.




There are many types of yogas that can be suggested to the seamen. Some of the common yogas are pranayam. Pranayam is a great component of yoga and it helps the mind to calm down. It helps the individuals who are doing the yoga to gain a better control over their mind as a result they learn to control their feelings and emotions much better. They become stronger as humans and can face the challenges of their daily life better. For a seaman it becomes very stress full as they are far away from the families.

With regular pranayam they can learn to deal with this stress better. It calms their mind and allows it to control their sorrows. It makes them happy and content from inside. It also helps them to appreciate what they have and makes them more positive. Keeping positive spirits is the biggest challenge when you are out at the sea. This is simply because you do not have many factors to motivate you.

Surya Namaskar

The next yogic kriya that we suggest for the seamen is the surya namaskar. This is a yoga that can help the mind and the body develop well. It helps the mind to become more powerful and positive. It improves the ability to concentrate. The seamen are under huge physical stress and they also need to keep high level of attention. With the help of this yoga they can attain both. The surya namaskar is also beneficial for the physical development of the seamen. It can help them to stay away from a lot of diseases as it improves the immunity of the body.

If you want to check out the different poses involved in Surya Namaskar check out this post.


Apart from these two very important yogas the seamen can try the padmasan. This again can help in maintaining a healthy life. The yoga is accompanied with the cycle of breath in a breath out. This helps the seamen to feel more relaxed and be better prepared for a tough day at the sea.

The yoga must be done by the seamen on a daily basis. At least one hour of yoga is highly recommended. Initially it can be started with a fifteen minute session and slowly be increased. The shipping companies must try to arrange special training for the seamen so that they can learn and appreciate the importance of yoga. The shipping companies who have incorporated yoga classes for the seamen admit that this has increased the efficiency of the seamen and has also helped the shipping companies. Yoga is a science and if done properly the benefits can be innumerable.

These are the various benefits of yoga for seamen and these are the different yogas that seamen can do on a daily basis for a healthy life. The life of a seaman is unpredictable and full of mental and physical challenges. If one does these yogas on a regular basis they can benefit immensely from the same. It can help them live a longer and a better life.

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