What Does A Fitter Do On Ships?

Let us find out a ship fitter’s job description and discuss what does a fitter do on ships. We hope this will help you to understand the role of the fitter and appreciate the activity. The job of a fitter is a crucial one. It is more of a maintenance job but it is definitely a very important job that is done on board. In short the fitter is a worker who ensures that the components of a ship are attached together by welding or by riveting.

The term fitting is used as the fitter essentially fits the parts of the ship together. The ship fitter is also a term that is commonly used. The job requires high skill and expertise. The job is a continuous one as a fitter may need to work both while the ship is being built and when the ship requires maintenance. The ship fitter does the job of assembling all the structural parts of the ship and also erecting the same. The role is not confined only to ships they also need to operate on submarines.

Ship Fitter Job Description

Ship Fitter Job Description

Ship Fitter Job Description

The ship fitters are required in almost all the ships irrespective of them being defense or merchant navy ships. In defense ships this function is sometimes carried on by civilians only. In some navies the crew are trained and they do the job of the ship fitter due to security reasons. In submarines the ship fitters ensure that the tank work is coordinated well. They also ensure that the submarines are maintained well. They also coordinate the solar dome work in both ships and submarines.

The job of a ship fitter may seem like a light job that is done to basically do fitting in a ship. Well this is not the case the ship fitters have to use heavy machines and tools in order to do the job. The ship fitters often use tools like plate planners, punches, bending rolls, saws, press and other heavy tools. The press used can be up to seven fifty tons. This is mainly because ships are huge and huge components need to be fitted together in a ship. The job requires high skill and also experience.

The ship fitters may be many in numbers in a ship. The number of ship fitters changes as per the size of the ship. The ship fitters also do the job of hydro and air testing of tanks and their compartments. They also do drilling and grinding functions in submarines too. They may at times have to work on the surface crafts. The job of the ship fitter has much scope of operations and he may be required in all these jobs mentioned at any times.

Most of the ship fitters work at the ports. They are seldom taken on voyages as they don’t have much function to do at the high seas. They are skilled labors and have to be trained on the mechanism of the ships. If you want to become a ship fitter you have to get an on the job training. You have to work really hard as the task requires a lot of physical activities and lifting weights. When a ship fitter gets old he starts the job of a supervisor. He has a team of ship fitters.He leads them and helps them in ship fitting activities.

We hope that you have got a fair idea of what does a fitter do on ships by reading this article about the ship fitter job description. The job is a critical one although it is not a big one. The fitter has to do his job with full responsibility and ensure that the ship operates smoothly. The aim was to make the readers more aware of the role of a fitter. They may be doing a small role but the job that they do is integral for the smooth functioning of the ship.

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