10 Ways To A Great Career At Sea

Many people want to make a career at sea. The maritime career is well paying and challenging. We will now discuss 10 ways to make great careers at sea. So let us find out what are these 10 ways.

Before going further let me tell you that basically the word navy can refer to either the merchant navy which is a private sector and the other is defense navy which is another wing of the armed forces of any nation like army or air force. Both these types of navy jobs are great and we have an article detailing on merchant navy vs defense navy as well as comparing navy vs land jobs. Defense navy can further be of different types like coast guard and so forth.

Great Careers at Sea

Great Careers at Sea

1. The first point is that you must know how to join the navy. You can join soon after your high school or even after graduation. You must find out about the colleges that offer courses and ensure that you join them on time. There are lots of reputed colleges in different countries and it will be nearly impossible to provide a list of them but you can contact us to ask for any specific college.

2. The second point on making a great career at sea is that you must be physically fit enough to take the challenge. You must ensure that you take good care of your health. If you are medically not fit you cannot get into merchant navy.

3. As a third point we would like to mention that you must start the career early. If you join at a young age and start from the lowest level you can expect to learn more. The more you learn the better will be your chances to grow. Even those who join the navy after school have a good chance of growth. Of course as already mentioned, in some cases it may not be possible for example at certain levels you cannot get entry without graduation so basically what i mean to say is that if you are willing to join navy try to do that as soon as to complete the basic qualification required for the particular post.

Great Sea Careers

Great Sea Careers

4. The point number four that very few people know is that you have two types of navy. One is the merchant navy and the other is the defence navy. The eligibility criteria are nearly same for both, but not identical. Plus there are some pros and cons of each type of navy which you must know before you decide which one you join. We will plan an article between these differences soon.

5. The fifth point on making a great career at sea is that you must be emotionally strong. You will have to spend months away from your family and friends. This is exactly why you cannot afford to be home sick. You have to ensure that you are on duty with full professionalism to make it big in this career.

6. The sixth and the most important point is that you will have to be very hard working. Without hard work you cannot make a great career at sea. You will have to study along with your duty. You will have to pass exams to ensure that you get promoted.

7. When you plan a career in navy you must consider this seventh point. You must have the strength to take up the challenge that this career has in store. You have to spend months on the sea. You will be homesick but you cannot help it. Duty will always come first. If you are in defence navy then your responsibility is towards the country. You have to be a very responsible person. A single mistake of yours can be fatal to the ship as well as to your career. The job involves a lot of risk. It is not a job that a person with weak heart can do. You have to make yourself stronger with time.

8. As we move on to the eighth point in 10 ways to make a great career at sea we have to discuss the path you take in planning your career. Navy has a lot of money and perks. As a young person you will be attracted towards the salary. We advise that in the initial stages of your career you should concentrate on learning. The more you learn the faster you will grow in the field. In the initial few years let money not be the only attraction for you.

9. Navy has a lot of competition. You will have to face a lot of competition from your colleagues in order to reach the top. You cannot afford to be left behind. You must always brush your knowledge. You have to read a lot and keep yourself aware of the changes in the technologies. This will keep you a step ahead always. This is the ninth point that you must keep in mind while you dream of making a great career at sea. Learning in navy is a never ending process. Even after you have got all your promotions you have to ensure that you keep yourself well aware.

10. The tenth and the last point in making a career at sea is that you have to have a passion for the job. Unless you feel from within you cannot make the sacrifices that this profession demands. Passion is required in nearly professions. However, in navy the passion factor is much higher. If you feel strongly for the job no challenge or risk of life can stop you from getting your goal.

We hope that you have by now got a good idea on how you can make a career in the sea. This article on 10 ways to make a great career at sea will definitely help you to decide better on the career that you are looking forward to. All the best!

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