5 Good Seafarer Job Sites

The seafarer jobs are highly in demand as many people across the world want to make a career in the merchant navy. We also have an article comparing land vs sea jobs, if you would like to read it. If you are also looking for a good job in the marine world, then this article will be of a great help. One of the best ways to look for marine jobs is online, and there are many job portals that specialize only in marine jobs.

When you apply to these sites the chances of getting a call increases many times. We will discuss the 5 good seafarer job sites in details. Please note that the order of numbering is just random and does not necessarily denote that some site is better and other is not, basically its is a compilation of some popular sites. Of course our own site also finds a mention in this towards the end.

1. Seafarerjobs.com

This site tops the list of the 5 good seafarer job sites. It is one of the most efficient and effective job portals for marine jobs. Anyone who wants to be hired by a shipping company should visit this site. Most of the marine jobs will be placed here. You will get all the details that you need to know about the company and the job. The site can be trusted completely. Just apply for the job and get hired in no time. The quality of service is such that we rate it at the top of the list.

2. Jobships.com

This is the second in the list of the 5 good seafarer job sites. When you are looking for a marine job you have to ensure that you visit a job portal that specializes in marine jobs. The Jobships.com is one such site. It has been into marine jobs for a long time now. They are extremely professional and can be trusted completely. They will check all the details of the companies before posting the advertisement online. You can visit the site and create a profile. Provide the correct contact details. In no time you will get a call from the shipping companies. You can select the job that suits your requirement the most. This site has been used by many mariners across the world and is absolutely trusted.

3. Marinersplanet.com

This site gets the third position in the list of the 5 good seafarer job sites. If you are looking for a job in the marine world then you must try this site. The site is very popular with both the job seekers and the employers. Make a profile of your own and let the employers look for you. You will be surprised that you may get noticed very easily when you apply to this site. It is considered as the site you must be in order to get a job in the marine world. It is one of the most popular marine job sites in the world. We will advise that this site must be given a try if you are serious about getting hired in a marine job.

4. maritime-connector.com

The site is a popular one and is one of the sites that we would like to list in the 5 good seafarer job sites. This site has been in the list for some time. It is considered as one of the best sites for marine jobs. Many shipping companies from across the world post their jobs on this site. It is becoming very popular as many seafarers from across the world have got placed using this particular site. You can also read the reviews that the other users have posted on this site to get a better idea about the jobs.

5. jobs.marine-knowledge.com

The last in the list of the 5 good seafarer job sites is this site. It is comparatively a new site. However, the site has a good list of marine jobs to select from. You can search for the particular job that you are looking for. You will get all the details of the jobs available. The site is user friendly and has a good list of jobs. If you like a particular job you can apply for the same. You can also contact the company posting the advertisement. If your profile is selected you will get a call. We recommend this site in case you are looking for a marine job.

We hope that this list on the 5 good seafarer job sites will help you to find a good job soon. All the job sites that we have listed here can be completely trusted and the jobs that you will get here will mostly be genuine ones. We will advise that you apply to all these five sites at the same time. This will help you to get a job faster and better. All the best with your job search.

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