Do I Have To Pay For A Marine Job?

There days the shipping world is also facing a sort of recession in tune with the global phenomenon and jobs are a bit scarce compared to the number of applicants. This is more true of freshers, juniors and lesser experienced people, than for senior and experienced mariners.

Marine Jobs

Marine Jobs

In such situation it so happens that people who are new, especially those who have finished their training recently and have to wait for long period of time to get on their first ship start to get bit frustrated. They are ready to do anything to get their first sailing experience and even are ready to shell out lots of money to join ship.

Today we will discuss in this article if this is right thing for you to pay for a marine job, and whether you should do it or not, along with its pros and cons. There are many marine companies globally and with the advent of the internet,  you can check out various jobs for yourself. When you go looking for a job you will see a lot of marine job posts online. These posts could be sometimes a bit confusing as you will have no way to verify them. We in our previous articles have discussed how you can judge if the marine job is a genuine one. In this article we will discuss another aspect of the marine jobs. This will help you do decide better when it comes to a job that is far away from your location.

There could be times when marine jobs that will ask the applicants to pay a fee. Supposedly this fee will be charged to process the visa or maybe for any other formalities. When you see a job that requests you to make an upfront payment you must instantly know that there is something wrong with the job.

A marine company, especially in these times will not recruit you without knowing anything about you and ask you for the visa fee straight away. There are many marine companies online that are basically fraudulent companies. They post advertisements so that the applicants get attracted and some even land up paying the fee for visa only to realise that the money is lost.

If you go to the police and lodge a complaint the police will not be able to do much in the same either. This is because the company doing the fraud is from another country. By the time you reach the police the company may have also gone off the internet. We are not saying that you must not apply to these jobs. We are also not saying that all these jobs that you see online are fraud. There are thousands of genuine jobs out there too. Just that you have to be a little careful. Just blindly do not follow a job posting. You must check out the details and understand the requirement. If there is any demand for money then do cross verify the same.

You must find out why exactly the marine company is asking for the money. If the reply is to make visa or any other such reasons you must immediately say a no. There are many job seekers across the world that has been cheated by the marine companies in the past. Similarly even you might be targeted if you do not show enough caution. It is not that you have to be suspecting every job out there. It is just that you have to be a little extra careful.

This is not a great deal and we can expect it from anyone. You must ensure that you spread the word among your friends and ensure that no one gets cheated by these fraud companies. There are many who open sites on the name of popular shipping companies to make money. You must discuss about the job with people who have been in the industry for some time. These are the people who will be able to guide you the best. Talk and discuss as much as you can. Information is the strongest keyword in these cases. If you come across a fraud company post about them on the internet and see how fast the information spreads.

We hope that you liked this article on do I have to pay to get a marine job. We hope that we have been able to explain in this article the various aspects of the issue. A good marine company will never ask for any payments from the job seekers. Do keep these points in mind when you go looking for a marine job. This will ensure that you will land up in a good job.

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