Avoid Fraud In Maritime Jobs

There are many shipping companies in the world. Every year a number of job applicants apply for jobs to these companies. We must tell you that all the shipping companies out there are not genuine. You must be very careful before you associate with any of these companies. We will now discuss How to avoid fraud in maritime jobs? This will be of a great help to all those who are looking at careers in the sea.trevordiy.wordpress.com

This is from an experience that we had of late. There is this company named LSC cruises and international. You can find all the details about this company from their website http://www.lsccruises.co.uk. We normally encourage companies to post their job advertisements in our website. They do post the advertisements and candidates apply to them. In this particular incident a candidate applied. He was interviewed and selected. Surprisingly the company asked him to pay seven hundred GBP to apply for a British Visa.

This was quite unlikely for a shipping company. The candidate luckily found the request weird and reported the same to us. We investigated more into the case and found out that the LSC cruises and international is a scam company. In reality there is no company registered with this name. The information that you see on the website of the company is not true. They post such advertisements and fool innocent candidates.

This is an attempt from the side of Marine knowledge to expose this company. We just want to create awareness that please don’t apply to any jobs that is posted by this company anywhere. We have also removed the advertisements from our site. You can go and communicate the same to as many people as possible. This can perhaps save someone else from falling prey to this company.
We will like to mention here that whenever you apply for a job online.

Please check the reputation of the company. You can Google with the company name. If you get the company try to look at the feedback that online job seekers have given. If you find even thirty per cent of feedback’s stating that the company is a scam please don’t apply for the job. If you do you will be caught in a bad trouble.

Apart from a research on the company name you should also ensure that you don’t pay any unnecessary amount to the company. You should never pay the company for the Visa. You have to get it done yourself. All you need is the appointment letter to apply for the Visa. It might not be a big amount that you are paying. Many a times that candidates are asked to pay small amounts and they pay so. However, we will clearly mention that no matter how small the amount is you should never pay anything to the employer.

If you find a scam then you must report about the same to the job portal where you located the job. Mostly the job portals will check the authenticity of the advertisement before posting them. Nevertheless, there may be situation when the job portal can do mistakes when you complain the job portal will ensure that they look into the case and expose the scam.

Thanks to internet it has become very easy to search for job. Candidates can apply for jobs from all over the world. The companies too can locate candidates from across the globe and find the best talents. However, the distance between the job seeker and the employers lead to a lot of communication gaps. A scam like this is the biggest example of this issue.

Well it is not that you should avoid using the internet for job search. It is the fastest and the most effective medium of job search especially when you are looking at a job internationally. All that you must do is be a little more cautious. You should ensure that you do the basic checks that we have mentioned before you apply for the job.

We hope that this article on how to avoid fraud in maritime jobs? This will help you to become more cautious about the shipping jobs that are available online.

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