How To Tell If A Shipping Company Is Fraud?

There are many shipping jobs that you will find online. You might have applied to some of them too. Shipping is a profession that you can pursue from any part of the world. This gives you an international opportunity. This may seem to be a very attractive opportunity to many youngsters. We will now discuss how to tell if a shipping company is fraud? This will help you to decide if you should apply to these companies. This can be a good article for those who are looking at shipping jobs.

There are many shipping companies in the world. The number is just increasing with everyday. No one can tell you if the company is genuine or not by just listening to the name. You have to do your bit of research before you trust the company. This is specially necessary for those who do not have any family background in shipping and joining for first time so can be duped more easily than say someone who might have an Uncle or Dad in same profession.

Tips to Check For

1. When you get a call from a shipping company. Check the website of the company. Check all the information that you can find about the company. Details like when it was started and the owners of the company. You can find out what operation that company is into.

The reviews and other vital information is also important. If there is no official website then there must be something wrong as most shipping companies will generally have one.

2. Check the contact details of the company this is very important. To tell if a shipping company is fraud the contact details can be useful. There must me a phone number and usually an email ID as well. If the email ID ends in the company domain name it is even better. For example if the company is called Marine Knowledge Inc and its website is say at www.marine-knowledge.com then if it has an email called info@marine-knowledge.com that should be better than say info.marine-knowledge@gmail.com etc.

A fax number can also be present. This information will be on the website of the company itself. Just check them and ensure that if someone picks up the call. The receptionist picking up the call must very professionally say the name of the company. You can also send a mail to the email address and see the response that you are getting form the same.

3. Any information on the internet about the company you must check the same. There must be some review and some news about the company. Read as much information that you can about the company. This will help you understand what you are getting into. You may also at times come across some negative feedback’s  Do read them properly. If possible contact the person who has given the feedback. You can talk to people about the company and the job that they have offered. You can ask your friends. The more you search about the company the better will be your chances of finding out about the company. Any information can be important so don’t ignore anything.

4. If possible discuss the job and the pay t hat you have been offered with people who have been in this field for some time. They will be able to tell you if the offer is a good one. They will also be able to guide you if you should take up the offer. If the offer is too good to be true then you must definitely think twice about the same. The chances of a fraud increases when the money promised is very high. We hope we have been able to explain all the points so far.

5. The last but not the least point on how to tell if a shipping company is fraud would be if the company is asking for some payment. Most of the times the shipping company will not ask you to pay anything for joining. You will just be sent the appointment letter. You can use this letter to apply for the visa. You yourself will have to pay for the visa. No other payment needs to be made. The shipping company will not make any visa for you. If they are making any such proposal then please don’t trust them. The information will definitely be wrong and cannot be trusted. Asking for any money is a big indication of the fact that the shipping company might be a fraud. Once you pay the money your money will be lost forever.

We hope that you found this article on how to tell if a shipping company is fraud informative. The shipping jobs are good. We are not discouraging you from taking up these jobs. All that we want you to do is do a proper research before you blindly follow what the company has to say. This can protect you from a lot of trouble. Especially when the fraud is related to money the loss is irreplaceable. You must find out all information before you join. You will be in a foreign country after joining. If you get to know that the company is a fraud then your trouble is only going to increase.

Editor’s note

The editor would like to add that it is not only fraud that you are looking to avoid but there are companies which are legal technically speaking but they are as good as fraud as they make you overwork and hardly pay anything or pay late and so forth. This is something which has to be discussed on a case to case basis.

We at Marine Knowledge are in the process of building a database based on the feedback of real mariners who would tell us from experience. You can use it as an approximate guide so if you are someone having experience in such matter and want to tell about a particular company do contact us and let us know your opinion and we could publish that in our database (with or without your details as you feel ok)

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