Life On An Oil Rig

Getting a job in an oil rig is a dream for many. The reason being that oil rig jobs pay very well. We will now discuss life on an oil rig in more detail. The point is to put forward a realistic picture so the people who are interested in these jobs can get a better idea of what they can expect. It may sound a little scary and challenging. Well it is true that life on an oil rig is not simple and easy. The job definitely is challenging and requires a lot of hard work.

The oil rig can be of two types it can be either inside the sea or it may be at the shore itself. No matter which oil rig you are in the challenges are more or less the same indeed? We will now discuss all about life on an Oil Rig. The jobs in an oil rig are stressful and they also have perils to life. This is exactly why the jobs in an oil rig are highly paid. It is true that almost every day you will have to face challenges that can even be life threatening at times. If you have the nerve of steel then this job is meant for you. People with a weak heart cannot be a part of a life on an oil rig.

Oil is a necessary resource, so can you imagine a day when you can do without oil? It is impossible to imagine a day without oil. It was Gulf of Mexico where the first oil rig was built. Man now has made oil rigs all over the world. Any country that has a good reserve of oil is a rich country. Oil is also considered as black gold. The scientists and research workers all over the world are trying to find new ways to extract more oil from the sea bed.

After all it is this oil that can generate maximum revenue for the nation. The workers on an oil rig are doing a very important service to the whole world. This is exactly why these people are paid much more than workers in any other industry all across the world.

Life on an Oil Rig was quite challenging in the past. However, with time things have changed. Today you can see a lot of people working in an oil rig and their lives are comparatively better.

The workers today are trained well before they start working in an oil rig. The workers in an oil rig today are given safety glasses, hard hats, steel – toed boots, etc. These were not given to the workers in the earlier days as a result they met with frequent accidents. The new workers are given safety training’s. They are also given a good induction.

Even the workers who are working in the oil rig for years are regularly trained on safety rules and precautions. This ensures that they have a good understanding of the safety process. The shift time of a rig worker was not fixed earlier. However, now the time is restricted to eight hours. Some time in emergency the working hours can be extended to twelve hours. The possibility of this is very rare. The management now accepts the fact that a Rig worker has a very hectic schedule and if made to work overtime the chances of accidents may increase.

The job is very stressful. This is exactly why if the rig worker works for two weeks continuously then after that he will get a three week leave. The industry works for twenty four hours and seven days a week. The workers are given holiday that keeps rotating. All the workers cannot be given leave on the same day. The rig worker needs to thinks only of his job. The other things are taken care of.

Everything from accommodation, food and laundry is done by the designated housekeeping team. The workers are expected to sleep in small bunks. There is no more luxury that you can expect in a rig. The bunks can keep swaying while the workers sleep. These inconveniences cannot be dealt with.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in an oil rig. However, there are designated smoking areas allotted. In these areas one can smoke. Safety matches are also given to all the rig workers. The rooms are provided with television and cinema. The rigs also have gyms, indoor sports facilities and internet. The workers can use these facilities and get entertained. These are the only entertainments that an oil rig worker can imagine.

The oil rig workers will tell you the number of near to death experiences that they generally have when they are working. The workers will often have to deal with tragedies. However, the work must go on in spite of all these tragic incidents. The use of dangerous machinery is common in an oil rig. These machinery are used at all levels. The work is such in nature that irrespective of bad weather the workers have to keep working.

In the end we must conclude that life on an Oil Rig is not easy. It does not matter whether you are a cook or a housekeeper the perils are the same. If you want to do the job in an oil rig you must keep in mind that the advantages and disadvantages are many.

Take a decision based on both the sides of the coin. We are just trying to give you an idea. Hope this will help you to decide better. The choice is all yours.

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