Sailor Insurance

Sailor Insurance

Sailor Insurance

Before we delve deeper into the details of sailor insurance, let us first try to find out what is exactly meant by insurance in general. This may be important as generally speaking mariner officers and crew may not have an idea about this.

Basically insurance is a commercial term. It means covering a risk. There are two parties in insurance an insurer and an insured. The insurer is the company that is providing cover to the insured. The insured is the one who is being covered. The insurance company promises the insured that in case of loss the insurance company will compensate to the insured for the risk covered. The insured on the other hand promises that he will pay a regular premium to the insurance company. The premium is a small amount of money that the insured will have to pay to the insurance company.

The premiums can be paid on monthly basis or once a year. The amount of the premium depends on a lot of factors and mostly on the risk that is being covered. The higher the risk the higher the premium will be. In any insurance the insured is in complete obligation that he will disclose all that he knows. Hiding information is a breach of contract in insurance. There are many types of insurance in the world. One such insurance is sailor insurance. Very few people actually know about this insurance. This is exactly why we have decided to discuss about the same.

Now that you know what insurance is all about let us give you a detailed analysis of what sailor insurance is. Well as the name suggests it is an insurance that a sailor takes for his safety. Insurance is nothing but a cushion that we all can fall back on in a time of emergency. Same is the case with sailor insurance. Sailor’s life is a risky one this is exactly why a sailor must take sailor insurance for the safety and future of his family.

There are many types of insurance that a sailor can take. For example if you have a pleasure craft you can take an insurance for the pleasure craft and also for the third party claims that can happen while you sail the pleasure craft. The insurance company will pay you for all the loss. You can also go for just third party insurance for any third party injuries.

One of the most useful insurance that a sailor must take is the personal accident insurance. Under this the insurance company pays a defined amount to the deceased sailor’s family. The policy also covers accidents and disability. The compensation is paid even for the medical expenses that a sailor might need to incur at times of a medical emergency. Many insurance companies also get these policies for their sailors so that they don’t suffer at times of personal disasters. If you want you can make a policy of your own too.

This will help you to avail the benefits of two insurance policies. However, you must keep in mind that no matter how many policies you make you cannot get more than what you lost.

Some officers can also take associate liability insurance. This states that if the ship that you are working for meets with some accident that you are responsible for then you will get compensation from the insurance company for the loss that occurred. Nevertheless, the insurance company will not pay if you were involved in any illegal activity or your act of negligence was a result of alcohol. All these policies that we have mentioned come with many clauses and conditions that must be read with carefully by the insured before signing the contract.

Apart from the ones mentioned above there are many more sailor insurance covers that were not discussed in the above list. You can contact a sailor insurance company. When you explain them your requirement they will tell you which sailor insurance policy that you must go for. So what are you waiting for just get the Sailor insurance policy today for you and your family? We hope that by now you have understood well what sailor insurance is all about. If you are a sailor then this will definitely help you and you can avail this benefit. This will help you to get a better peace of mind and you don’t have to worry about the future of your children. After all insurance is just buying peace of mind right. Have a safe sail in the future.

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