Effect Of Chinese Aircraft Carriers On US Naval Interest

China has been the only permanent member of UN Security Council without an aircraft carrier. The acquisition of aircraft carrier by China has various reasons behind it which still remains unexplored. However, its effects on US Naval interests is quiet high.

Since US is the country with most powerful military base, it is trying to take advantage of the long coastline and territorial waters of China. US Navy is inclined towards exerting pressures on China and deployment of its carriers towards Western Pacific Ocean.

The initiative of China for construction of carriers has come up, for, China being the world’s second biggest economy, wanting to extend its power and defend its expanded economic interests. US Naval base poses a great threat to China through its aircraft carriers.

China’s aircraft carrier’s main functions will be to enhance its national prestige, to gain additional means to project power from its coastline and to increase their capability to defend territorial claims by other competitors like Vietnam and Philippines.

Such acts have drawn attention of US Naval forces which shows that it may have adverse effects on US Missions. America’s close allies in the Chinese region seem to have become nervous. The main concern is the new Chinese naval strategy behind it because US may have to struggle and hardships may come its way which it was not afraid at all earlier.

As per US naval forces, there is a meager security imperative that China require to project military force far beyond its territorial waters. US doubts China’s mission for building an aircraft carrier and the modernization and upcoming of its military base.

China seems increasingly intent on challenging US naval supremacy in the western pacific. At the same time it is aggressively pressing its claim on disputed off shore islands in the East & South China seas. It shows that China wants to use these aircraft carriers for negative aspects and to attain power.

Besides this, on the other side US Pacific forces revealed that China could soon deploy a ballistic missile capable of threatening aircraft carriers in the region. This has become a cause of concern for US navy as US wants to retain global hegemony and is not comfortable with China’s military rise.

China’s naval base is growing. Dealing with rising China could be a challenge for US navy. Disclosures from various sources reveal that China’s strategy is to win a high tech regional war in the modern times. China’s attempt is to be able to deal with multiple threats in a complex international environment. In fact China aims to stop the enemy before entering its border so that it can protect its resources being utilized or taken away by other competitors. Its People Liberation Army puts in efforts to make US Naval forces less vulnerable in Asia by posing missile threats creating difficulty for them to use the power from the offshore.

PLA’s chief brushed aside the notions that China would challenge US military supremacy by building its own aircraft carriers while developing career killing missiles. At this point of time we can only say that China may take time making sea trials of the carrier and training its military personnel. At later stage the purpose may get transparent that whether it would be used for offensive or defensive purposes. It has rather become a cause of concern not only for US but other Asian countries as well. Last but not the least we cannot deny that Washington spends far more than China on security and is more technologically advanced. It is the right of China to protect its extensive maritime territory and coast. It can also be used to maintain global peace and for other operations like relief and rescue.

Everything has its pros and cons. It would be explored at a later stage whether China creates global pressures or maintains international peace.

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