Coast Guard

Coast guard refers to a national organization that deals with different situations that happen on the coast line or at sea. The organization responsibilities vary from country to county, from using military enforcement action to voluntary services performed for public safety and search and rescue missions.

Coast guard

Coast guard

Some of the responsibilities the coast guard are expected to serve in are:

  • Search and rescue,
  • Maritime law enforcement,
  • Safety of vessels,
  • Maintenance and checking sea markers, and
  • Sea boarder control.

During time of war or rebellion attempts against a country, the coast guard may be involved in the patrol of port, harbors and coastal border and may undertake military force to defend and protect them.


Each counties coast guard operates under different rules made by its country for e.g. Her Majesty’s coast guard of the UK is a civilian setup which concentrates on search and rescue mission where as the US coast guard comes under the military law and is involved in military and law enforcement, as well as search and rescue missions.


There are wide range of equipments used by the coast guard. Many people would restrict it to boats and aircraft but many smaller tools are used during operations. Hydraulic cutters welding torches, jacks, air/ pneumatic tools and medical equipment are also essential tools used by the coast guard. Cutters, jacks and torches are essential during search and rescue operation when victims are trapped in inaccessible places. The rescuers may need to cut a hole nearer to the victim to free him. Due to the nature and distance the coastguard has to rescue victims it is necessary to have basic medical equipment in order to give the victim first aid before reaching a medical facility that is fully equipped.

Coast guard

Coast guard

Air craft and sea vessels are used as transport means to access remote places that victims may be as fast as possible:

  • Fixed wing aircraft are mostly used for long distance transport or air surveillance. They are based at land ports due to landing and take of facilities.
  • Helicopters are used for quick rescue missions due to easy and fast capability of landing and takeoff in areas that may have bad geological features. They are also based on land but are capable of landing on rescue ships while on rescue missions. Helicopters are also used to do areal surveys in areas that smugglers use since they can land at or near the site and intercept them. Some helicopters have protective armor to protect against hostile fire that may be experienced.


Due to the nature of the work done the coast guard they restrict themselves to a certain size of boats. Since speed is of the essence, they mostly have small and medium boats that give them advantage of speed. Some coast guard have bigger ships but are mostly based in the high seas in cases of rescue missions far from main land offering bases to rescue air craft. In addition to boats they use jet skis and inflatable motor boats on rescue mission depending on the place the victims are stranded.


Small fire arms are also part of the equipment due to hostile situations that can be met. With ship piracy and smuggling of drugs and other illicit goods, violent confrontations are a reality. To protect the coast guard members arms are kept or carried in case of these eventualities.


As in any activity we do today communication plays a vital role in succeeding. Coast guards are equipped with modern forms of communication available today. Internet, satellite phones, normal phone lines, radio among many more are used by the coast guard to keep in communication with each other during operations.

We shall be discussing many issues involved with the coast guard and their benefit to the nation and its citizens later were we shall describe the role of each counties coast guard responsibilities in detail.

There is no doubt that the coast guard plays a major role towards safety on and off shore for the well being of their citizens.


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