Container Ships In Storms

Container ships in storms or in rough seas are the biggest cause of worry shipping companies have to deal with since storms claim more ships than any other form of accidents that happen on sailing vessels, sinking dozens of ships in the high seas each year. With the rise of unpredictable weather patterns forming due to global warming and the greenhouse effect, shipping companies around the world are gearing up to face the challenge head-on since they are the first to be affected making them consider solutions or alternatives ways, before other businesses consider the repercussions of global worming and the bad global weather changes that it bring with it.

container ships in storms

container ships in storms

Since container shipping industry is being affected directly by the changes in global weather changes, they have had to adopt to new technologies that could help them avoid or avert getting the container ships in storm if they re to avoid losing more vessels out at sea. The introduction of satellite communication in the past 2 decades has greatly improved alerting vessels concerning weather conditions in advance to postpone or divert the vessels from the bad weather condition thus greatly reducing the container ships in storms compared to the past were they had no accurate prediction concerning the weather and sailing vessels in the high seas was a gamble that sailors took knowing the container ships in storms could easy be lost at sea with no trace of the vessel after the storm had passed.

With great advance in tracking weather

container ships after storms

container ships after storms

systems being constantly developed new container ships are built with these gadgets to assist detecting any form of dangerous system that may develop while on the high seas. Since global weather conditions are generalized the marine industry has to develop specialized tools and software that narrows down the results to a smaller area, even if the general weather forecast says the weather is calm. Since weather systems at sea could affect a small area and not be detected by ordinarily weather forecasts, it is important that shipping companies developed a way that would help determine the intensity of these small but deadly weather systems offshore to ensure that container ships would not accidently stray in to them. These weather systems stretch a few dozen miles but within the system the conditions can be devastating, and being able to detect them swiftly out at sea improves the safety level for the vessel and its crew tenfold. Usually once detected the vessels will be redirected through calmed water that the system has not disturbed. The instruments mostly help avoid landing container ships in storms that can be avoided under short notice but for the bigger storms that occur in the open seas, vessel are advised to move to calmer water if possible this could be a staggering 100-200 miles off course but to save the vessel and crew these detours must be taken in cases like when the hurricanes like Katrina hit the USA.

Many people would consider that bringing in container ships in storms back to the closest harbor or post to be the most sensible thing, but in terms of marine vessels operators it is best to keep the vessel out at sea but in calmer waters since on the harbor the vessel is most certain to get damages by the strong waves that thrash the vessel against the harbor wall. With these dangers apparent and marine transporting companies standing at the for front of the climatic disaster, they have had to adapt and create new strategies that will maintain safety all vessels even container ships in storms in the future.

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