Cruise Ships in Storms

Cruise ships in storms are some of the most feared incidents that passages as well as crewmen and the general public could imagine off. The famous film of titanic is responsible for creating the reality of what could happen to a cruise ship or any marine vessel during a storm. This fear has been re-enforced by the tragedy the happened to titanic but the reality is that there has been major advances in shipping guidance systems on the past two decade and situations of cruise ships in storms can easily be avoided by using modern technology that constantly receives global weather data from weather satellites and cruise ships can sail out of harm’s way before the full force of the storm hits the vessel.

cruise ship in storm

cruise ship in storm

The fact remains that the conditions are still dangerous for a cruise ships in storms but technology has helped warn the vessel crew well in advance of impending bad weather wear by the vessel could steer out of the bad weathers path well in advance. Since cruise ships are on holiday voyages most tend to be relatively close to land even if it is not visible on the horizon. This proximity to land carries an added safety feature since the vessel could easily dash to the land mass classiest to ensure the safety of passengers incase of any unexpected eventuality or damage to the vessel.


Cruise ships follow protocols that very slightly from other vessel and this is due to the reason they transport people on board, the fact that many lives are in the hand of cruise ship captains they must follow safety precautions first without regard to distance and only with the target of “passenger safety”. Today cruise ships have modern computer systems and satellite guidance systems as well as communication the keeps them up to date with data of an hourly basis. Each cruise ship company cannot afford to have any of its vessels caught up in storms and install expensive weather tracking systems to provide advance warning.


The added fact that most cruise vessel sail relatively close to land masses, evacuating the passengers to land before the storms full force hits can easily be done since it is in most cases better to weather the storm while on land rather than on  vessel that will be trusted and tossed around in the waves. These adoptions on the cruise ship industry have greatly reduced the danger involved on sailing a cruise ship for your holiday, vacation or honeymoon.

Today the chances of a cruise ship getting stranded or lost in a severe storm have greatly reduced though they are occasionally caught in small weather systems that abruptly occur but most are equipped to withstand them and easily sail past them only cautioning passenger to remain indoors to avoid any accidental man overboard incident. The cruise ship industry has seen huge growth in the past few decades and is destined to grow even more as people gain both confidence and money required to sail on these magnificent words of marine engineering without any fear of Cruise Ships in Storms.

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