Dangerous Ocean Waters: Challenges At Sea

dangerous ocean waters

dangerous ocean waters

Oceans are a lovely place and mariners have the opportunity to see mother nature at close quarters. Yet at times dangerous ocean waters can be a cause for concern when sea turns rough. In today’s article we will discuss some of the most dangerous ocean waters in the world.

Due to the nature of shipping business, ships often have to pass through areas even if they are not totally calm, though dangerous ocean waters should be avoided wherever possible.

The Indian Ocean tops the list of dangerous ocean waters. The Indian Ocean is a huge body of water and it comprises of about one- fourth of the total water found on earth. The temperature of this sea is sufficiently high and as a result the ocean easily gets influenced by climatic changes like strong winds, tsunami, cyclones, and monsoons. Due to this these oceans are becoming increasingly risky and dangerous. Many ships in the recent few years faced bad hazards in this ocean.

The next in the list of dangerous ocean waters is the Atlantic Ocean. The location of this ocean is such that it is very easily affected by coastal winds, temperature of water surface and water currents. This is exactly why the weather here is quite unpredictable. In the recent years many ships and boats had to face bad weather conditions on this ocean.

Along with this ocean some more names that can be added to the list of dangerous ocean waters are Pacific, Aegean, Sea of Marmara, Mediterranean, etc. All these seas have reported conditions that can be considered hazardous for any ship.

The impact of climatic changes can be considered to be the main reason for these changes in the safety of the sea. The experts say that the volume of water is changing due to the melting glaciers. The temperature of the sea water is also increasing every year as a result the ocean water and the strong winds blowing against the sea water are also increasing.

These climatic changes come together and they lead to the occurrence of high tidal waves in the deep sea. The strong winds blowing against the currents can cause towering waves that can sink even the largest of ships. These waves mostly occur in the deep sea.

The strong surface currents are important things to study. However, even after studying them for years we cannot say exactly how and when they occur. The tidal waves in these dangerous ocean waters remain a mystery even today. This unpredictability of these waves makes them very dangerous for the ships.
It is true that we have the best of ships with us today.

However, we also need technology that can help to predict the most unpredictable tidal waves. These make the sea a very hazardous place for all. These waves can smash the parts of the ship. The winds can cause pauses as a result the crew may be faced with a disease and injury.

This is exactly why every ship must have few experienced sailors as they can predict the oceans the best. They can ensure that the lives are safe. We cannot always trust technology completely. If we have a crew that is well trained and can understand the changes in the behavior of the sea we can ensure that the impact of the sea winds is minimized. Another important point in dangerous ocean waters is that the crew should not panic. The worst of disasters can be handled if the crew don’t panic and works as a team.

Apart from these oceans that we have mentioned a ship may face dangerous ocean waters in areas where there is a low pressure wind. These are the areas where north and south trade winds generally meet. These regions might be calm but they can often be hit by a thunder storm. As per the situation the sailors have to decide if they will move in the same direction or they will deviate. This decision can be strategic one for the future of the ship. These decisions are based on the currents and the speed of the winds. The best of the sailors can only take a call in a situation like this based on their experience.

It has been noted that in most of the case of bad weather in sea the weather report goes wrong as a result the perils become stronger. The sailors cannot trust the forecast completely. They will have to use their experience too.

The sailors can tell you how furious the tidal waves are. They can be very dangerous for the ships. The sailors have to be brave and use sail through these storms. This is because even today we have not got the technology that can predict the tidal waves and the sea storms. The dangerous ocean waters are many in the world and they cannot be predicted. However, with human skills we can reduce the impact.

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