Heavy Load Lifting On Ships

Heavy Load Lifting On Ships

Heavy Load Lifting

Heavy load lifting is a part of many jobs that we know of. In ships lifting heavy loads is common especially if you are working at junior level either in the deck or engine department. We will now discuss a little about heavy load lifting on ships.

There are some points that you must remember before you lift heavy loads. Human body is a complex machine. The part of the body that is influenced most by heavy weight is the backbone. When the technique for lifting itself is wrong it can lead to a lifelong problem. The back of the person lifting the load may start hurting sooner.
The few points that you must keep in mind while lifting the load is that what the weight you are lifting and are you is physically capable enough to lift the load. You can ask for a team in case you feel that you cannot lift such heavy weight. You must consider your physical strength. It is true that different people have different physical ability. This is exactly why you must take to lift a weight that you are comfortable with.

In the ships special training is given to the crew members on heavy load lifting on ships. This is because research has proved that most of the injury that happens during weight lifting is due to lack of training. Even team work is given a lot of importance to prove how heavy load lifting on ships can be done easily by cooperation.

One important point that you must keep in mind while heavy load lifting on ships is that in no time should the back bone of your body curve. Always try to keep the bone straight. Before you try to lift a heavy weight try to ensure that you had a session of warming up. You should stretch your muscles and ensure that you are all set. Do this every time you lift a heavy weight.

You must check the floor of the ship. Ensure that there are no hurdles on your path. You must also check that the path is not slippery. This will ensure that you are safe when you are lifting the weight. Hold the object tightly. Ensure that there is no way that the box can slip out of your hand. Always lift the weight smoothly. Never hurry with your movements. If you try to hurry up you may injure yourself.

Try to distribute the weight all over the body. By body we mean the legs and knees. The back should always be vertical and the chin should be straight. If you anytime feel that the load is much heavier than your capacity don’t try to lift it. You should follow the same when you keep the load down. These tips may seem simple but they are actually not. If these tips are not followed they can lead to a lifelong back problem. Especially when you will have to lift heavy loads on a daily basis these tips become more important.

There should be posters of these tips posted all across the ship. This will ensure that the crew members don’t make any mistake while lifting heavy loads. The crew members should be trained and they must follow these guidelines given. Safety is very vital to the operations of a ship. Any injury to the crew members can be very dangerous especially when on the ship.

These are some very important for heavy load lifting on ships. I hope this will help you understand how heavy load lifting is done on the ships. These tips can also help you otherwise in lifting heavy loads generally too.

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