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This section of the website acts as the marine safety center dealing with various aspects of maritime safety. Actually the subject matter of maritime safety is associated mostly taken care of in the various courses covered under the STCW convention about which there is ample information in the marine certification section. Yet the subject of safety is so important that we decided to put a separate section dedicated entire to this topic and hence the reason for this marine safety center.

It is a well known fact that – Safety First Is A Must – and nowhere is the axiom more relevant than the deep ocean environment in which the ships and most other marine vessels operate. Of course it also applies to smaller water crafts such as boats and yachts which may not be going in very deep waters.

Maritime safety consists of several dimensions including but not limited to areas such as fire fighting, marine pollution prevention, safety certification such as basic and advanced STCW courses and so forth. The subject matter of carrying out regular drills on board ships related to various scenarios such as fire fighting drill, lifeboat drill, pirates on board drill etc.

Maritime safety was earlier a subject matter of self discipline but nowadays most of the safety features are incorporated as a matter of requirements and legislation, rather than mere guidelines. This certainly has improved the safety scenario on board ships to a great degree, but at the same time there is also a danger than when something is imposed upon in the form a law, many times people do not realize its importance and just do the bare minimal essentials to comply with the regulations rather than doing something from their heart.

It is the endeavour of this marine safety center to encourage sailors and seafarers to learn maximum about maritime safety and adopt it as a part of their lifestyle for their own benefit, rather than doing it out of compulsion for sake of IMO or other regulations.

To give you a hint of some of the topics that would be covered in the marine safety center include marine safety training courses, life boat operations, fire fighting installations, drill scenarios, safety tips and man overboard situation. You might feel that some of these areas are overlapping with certain other sections of the website but this is perfectly fine since after all we are only taking a look at the smaller section of a bigger picture and the entire picture is certainly interconnected and the various dimensions are interdependent.

What is more important is that sailors and marine personnel do a great job in the midst of vast bodies of oceans in relatively isolated conditions; and best safety practices should not only be outlined but also followed religiously for the safety of all concerned.

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