What is a Tsunami?

The year was 2004; the day was 26th day of December. The people who saw it come explained that the sea went back much behind than it usually is seen. After some time it came back and the wave was a giant one, as big as few hundred feet. It washed away everything that came on its way. It was triggered from the small island nation of Sumatra. Slowly it affected fourteen countries in different past of the world.

The impact was so huge that it is believed that about two hundred thousand people lost their lives. The experts with all their gadgets and mechanisms could not predict that it was coming. All of a sudden all the technology fell so small in front of mother nature. It did prove that we are absolutely incapable to predicting anything like this. It was for the first time that the world got to know the term tsunami. It is nothing but giant waves that are created after a huge undersea earth quake.

We will now discuss about how it occurs. Well, the scientists say that when there is a huge earth quake of about nine on the rector scale. The fault under the sea get effected and they shift as a result these huge waves are created. In the tsunami that happened in 2004 the fault affected was about sixteen thousand kilometers  The shifting of these faults lead to these terrible waves. This was a wake-up call for the world to get a tsunami alert system. These are nothing but waves that were triggered by a huge quake on the crust of the earth. They can also happen due to volcanic eruptions under the sea. Some experts believe that under water landslides can also be a cause for the same. The strangest fact is that these happen hours after the actual earthquake. Henceforth whenever there have been these huge earthquakes tsunami alerts were triggered all across the coastal belts and the countries.

The best way to understand that there is going to be something like this is you will notice that the sea will go back from its normal line. This is perhaps the best indicator that you can see. It has happened in the past but was perhaps not recorded. The one that happened in 2004 was a killer and perhaps the biggest in the recent few years.

The word tsunami originates from Japanese language it means harbor wave in literal translation. The mention of these natural phenomena is first found in the book that was written in 426 BC and was named as “History of the pelopnnesian war”. This does prove that mankind has seen many of these in the past. We don’t have the exact mechanism to understand when it will occur. However, we can definitely try to issue alerts when there is a major earthquake in the vicinity. We have to leave it to Mother Nature, as we don’t have the capacity to control it. Let’s wait and watch.

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