Coast Guard Sea Pay

As on any other government services coast guard sea pay scales depend on rank, experience and station posting with individuals involved in more hazardous jobs and those with more experience and selected categories getting more pay scales than the rest. It is a matter of choosing the right station were a individual can gain rank thus increase his pay scale as he rises to higher ranks.

coast guard sea pay

coast guard sea pay


As in normal government jobs one must apply for a post were he can be promoted to a higher rank, this automatically increases the salary scale dramatically even faster than just waiting for time to go by and receive higher pay scale through experience. Rank promotion is responsible for providing the highest and fastest coast guard sea pay if managed correctly and with a cool mind. To be able to benefit from this opportunity one must be able to receive continued specialized education or training while working with the coast guard.


Joining after senior high would only ensure that you get a job with the coast guard at the lowest rank, this also means that you would have passed you senior high, and a rigorous physical training test to be accepted. For those who just sit back and enjoy the ride their coast guard sea pay will increase gradually as their experience increases over the years a long and slow process but this may not be the same for the candidate that chooses to pursue continued specialized educational courses and training that the coast guard offer to the personnel.


Some of these courses are optional while others are voluntary, a candidate that wants to receive a higher coast guard sea pay scale faster as well as climb the ranks must think carefully on which course he wants to follow and how highly ranked could he get if he continued the education and training program. Continued education is key to rank promotion, and on closer investigation it is apparent that even the masters of many vessels had joined the coarse as well and training program before getting a vessel of their own. As time passes the candidate gets promoted faster by combining both educational qualification and experience thus resulting in faster coast guard sea pay scales.


There are many different pay scales offered to different coast guard personnel, of which it would be difficult to describe all on this article but to give a rough idea the lowest coast guard sea pay scale is $1350.00 for on job personnel and $182.00 for personnel that a listed as reserve guard and living normal lives only to be called in during times of requirement. US$16358.00 is the highest coast guard sea pay scales for personnel that have the longest as well as best qualification and holding high ranks on board vessels. US$ 1439.00 is the highest coast guard sea pay scales for reserve personnel who have some experience serving the forces but awaiting as reserves on land and living normal lives.


In between the coast guard sea pay scales there are over 150 different pay scales that a personnel are categorized up on to determine the salary scale one will receive, which increases as experience is accumulated but the best way to climb the coast guard sea pay scales ladder faster would be to pursue courses that will ensure rank promotion thus increasing your pay scale.

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