Applied Research International

ARI stands for Applied Research Institute. It is a New Delhi based marine training institute. If you are looking at a career in marine engineering then you will definitely find this article interesting. ARI is one of the best institutes in India to get trained on marine engineering.

ARI  has the credit of training about twenty five thousand mariners since its inception. These mariners came to ARI from different parts of the world. ARI has specially designed distance learning courses that you can take up in case you are a working professional. The objective of ARI is to give world level education to the mariners so that they can get an international exposure.


ARI gives special importance to the development of human resource in an organisation. They also give consultancy services on manpower solutions. They arrange for professional seminars that can help the various organisations dealing with human resource. If you want to do a course in human resource for ARI then it will not be a bad idea.

The Beginnings

ARI was started by Captain S.S.S Rewari. He was a navy officer. His knowledge and experience was a great help for ARI. Now let us take a look at the courses that are available at ARI:

  1. Entry level solutions- it is meant for those who want to make an entry into the shipping jobs. This is a very basic course.
    2. The next come the competency courses which are necessary for a person to go up in the rank hierarchy on ships
    3. STCW modular courses. These are professional level courses that are mandatory for all sailors
    4. Professional development and enhancement courses. These courses are meant for those marine professionals who want to give an edge to their careers. These are mostly distance learning courses.

HRD Programs

We will now move on to the human resource assessment programs that are designed by ARI. These courses are as listed below:

  1. Behavioural assessment
    2. Value added solutions

These courses are specially designed and are tailor made for the companies that are asking for these trainings. Some of the courses that ARI offers are e learning courses. ARI has a good image in the market. Any degree from this particular college has a great value. You can look at these courses if you want to give a new dimension to your career.

Some of the biggest names in the industry come to ARI for campus recruitment. To name a few are Indian navy, Tanker pacific ship management, V.ships, etc. The list is a long one. The best part is that when you do a course from ARI you get an international exposure. The courses are designed in such a way that it has an international standard. After the completion of these courses you can join any company across the world. The alumni of the college are very prestigious. The alumni include teachers from IIT and Stanford University. You are rest assured to get a good guidance. In case someone wants to join ARI as a teacher they can apply directly to the institute.

Website of ARI

ARI has an official website where you can get all the information. The phone number and the email id if ARI is also present in the website. You can directly contact ARI using all these information. The website also posts the recent job openings with ARI.



Jobs @ ARI

To get into ARI you will have to take the application form and apply to the course. You will have a psychometric profiling at first. This will be followed by counselling. Then a session on talent management will happen. ARI will tell you which the exact stream that you should choose is. The guidance of ARI can be very beneficial to the students. Once you are selected by ARI your future is more or less set. The screening process of ARI is not easy and only the best of the lot is selected by the institute.

If you want to apply to ARI you can download the application forms online. If your application is selected you will be called in for the selection process. The institute has made a standard for itself. The courses offered is so well designed that many international companies consider Applied Research Institute to be one of the best institutes for these courses. You will see that the students of Applied Research Institute are well placed in many good jobs across the globe. Every year a new batch comes out of the college and a new benchmark is set. It is becoming more popular with time.

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