Institute Of Chartered Shipbrokers

Institute Of Chartered Shipbrokers

Institute Of Chartered Shipbrokers

Apart from marine engineers and navigating officers, which are the relatively better known marine jobs, there are also people working on the ground such as shipbrokers. We will discuss the job role of shipbrokers in some other article, but briefly speaking they handle various brokerage assignments whether its sale or purchase of ships or chartering a ship and that is where the ICS comes into the picture. The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers also known as the ICS was started in 1911. It was added to the Royal Charter in 1920. In the year 1984 it as amended and membership was opened to non British companies too. This is exactly why the body has got an international presence and membership now. We will now discuss in details about the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. I hope you will find this article of interest and it will enhance your knowledge about the ICS.

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers is a body that trains individuals on shipping and prepares well trained professionals for this challenging job. The institute and the students who pass out of it are regarded very high and are in requirement all over the world. The ICS offers various distance learning courses too. These courses are designed for both new entrants in the industry as well as for those who have been doing this job for some time and want to brush the skills. The distance learning offered by Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers is also called the Tutorship. There are totally sixteen distance learning centres that are operated by the ICS all across the world. Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers believes that the world is a one place and as a result all countries are given the same position in the institute. The ICS in 2006 had arranged for seminar programmes In India, Dubai, Pakistan, Srilanka, etc. The whole world is one network in ICS. This gives the institute a broader prospective.

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers gives certificates to those who successfully complete the courses that are designed by them. On completion of the test the students are awarded certificates by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. These certificates are highly recognised and considered to be of great value in the shipping world. These courses can undoubtedly enhance the career opportunities of the individuals and give a good growth to them. Many students and professionals feel that distance learning might not be as effective as a full time course. Well with Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers the concept is quite different. Their online courses also have good value.

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers represents the ship brokers, ship managers, and agents all across the world. They have twenty four branches in many key areas of shipping. They have four thousand individuals working for them all across the world. They have about one hundred and twenty company members. The main aim of the ICS is to maintain a standard of professionalism all across the shipping industry.

The syllabus content of the courses offered by ICS is revised from time to time. They are built keeping in mind the changing requirements of the shipping world. This ensures that the students get a good exposure on the shipping world and they have a comprehensive knowledge. These are the reasons why Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers is considered with such high regard.

You can visit the official site of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and find out for yourself what are the courses that you can enrol for, when the exams will be held for these courses and most important of all when the exams are held. You can then plan yourself and decide how you will go about the course. You can also get the question papers of previous years that will help you to prepare for the tests better.

The best part about the courses offered by Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers is that you can do it along with your job as they are online correspondence courses. You can o them from the comfort of your home and office. The benefits availed and way these courses will help you in the future cannot be compared to any other correspondence course. The enrolment is a simple process and the fees charged are also nominal. All these can be done online itself.

You can also enrol for a full time course this is possible if you are living anywhere near the training centre. This is so as the training attendance is very important. These courses are offered through lecture programs and face to face learning. If you want to get into Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers then you can prepare for the professional qualification exam that is held by the ICS.

To prepare for these exams you will have to take admission in those institutes that prepare the students for these exams. Some of these institutes are the Maritime education and training ltd in London. The Hellenic management Centre in Piraeus is another institute that too also specialises in training students, for the professional qualification exam held by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. The national maritime college Cork is also providing the training now. You can contact these colleges for more information on the same.

You can also directly mail the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers at lloyd@itsacademy.co.uk to get more information on the same. I hope we have provided you all the information that you need on Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers. This will definitely help you in preparing for getting into this prestigious institute or enrol for any of the courses that they offer.

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