Join The Coast Guard

Each nation has different rules of how to join the coast guard. With most having it as a voluntary option some have it as a compulsory part that each citizen has to serve for a certain duration for their nations military services. The choice is yours but you must serve in one category may it be coast guard, air force or land troops.

For the citizens of optional nations they can choose at their own will if they want to join the coast guard or any other military service. This may cause convenience for the citizen but has proven to be a challenge for the coast guard in recent years. The citizen is getting more fearful today and avoids joining the service. To attract potential candidate’s high salaries, secured pension planes among many privileged services are offered to candidates to join the service.

Join the Coast Guard

Join the Coast Guard

Some counties that don’t offer the option candidates join the military services after school and must serve for the nation for a fixed amount of years. Failure to do so could result in severe punishment and public out rages. It is considered a pride to serve for your nation and citizens will protest against youth that avoid doing so.

For those candidates who join the service, the following steps should be expected before they join the coast guard. Each country has a different set of rule so we shall be simulating the U. S regulation and requirement to join the service.

AGE: candidates must be between 17 and 27 years. At this age they are in their price and easily adaptable to different situation. Strength and energy are also vital and at this age most aspirants still have loads of it.

EDUCATION: candidates within the age limit must also have a minimum of high school diplomas. Since technology is taking over in every field the personnel working on modern vessels must also have a certain level of education to cope with the requirement on board.

PYSICAL and APTITUDE BATTERY TEST: These tests are conducted to introduce the aspiring candidates to the challenging requirements that they may require to fulfill while at service. Many cases have shown that candidates actually are forced to joining the service due to money are peer pressure without realizing that there is a lot of physical work involved. The candidates who pass this test will proceed to the next process.

Join the Coast Guard

Join the Coast Guard

TRAINING: all candidates chosen will then move on and do 8 weeks of intensive training at a coast guard training centre in New Jersey. They will be trained to swim and other survival technique. The intensive training is proclaimed to be the hardest pas since candidate a put through the worst case cinereous that can be simulated.

JOINING THE SERVICE: after the completion of training each candidate is assigned to departments were he/ she will undergo on job training. Their rank will slowly rise as their expertise and work experience increase.

It is important that the younger generations are encouraged to join the coast guard since it is very important that the service e continues because the coast guard is not only a naval combat service but is involved also in search and rescue of distressed marine vessels and personnel. We as parents should not think only of the negative effects of the navy since death can come knocking even on our doorstep when we didn’t go looking for it.


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