Containerization: Vital Component Of Today’s Shipping Industry

Container Ships

Container Ships

Around 90% of the non-bulk cargo around the world is moved via transport ships stacked with containers as of today.

Containerization is one of the most convenient and preferred forms of moving cargo in today’s times and the times gone by. Imports and exports have become an integral part of our everyday living, in a world where coffee beans, vehicles, clothing and even fruit juice and bottled water now travel the world.

Containers provide dependability and surety. As it is all the more important, for the sake of business and the economy at large, that these products are shipped from one point to the other in the most secure ways. One Canadian port organization actually launched a website, Verschiffung USA, designed to build awareness of its services and capacities in terms of containerization within the German market. Following are some of the many reasons why containerization is an indispensable solution in the shipping industry.

1. Security

Containers have come a long way; today cargo security has largely improved and includes containers that are equipped with high security measures. The container doors are well-sealed and many come with remote air pressure monitoring which alerts the security personnel if the door of the container is opened at any point. The covered containers also ensure that the cargo is not visible, hence reducing threat of theft. The incorporation of latest security measures by service providers like Verschiffung USA has made containerization a popular and much preferred solution for companies and organizations wishing to move valuable cargo.

2. Economic Growth

Not only the shipping industry, but the region at large greatly benefits from containerization or cargo shipping. The comfortable, economically sound and secure options provided by the likes of Verschiffung USA have been a great boost in the otherwise unstable economy.

3. Cost-Effective

Containerization is by far the most economically sound form of moving products from one point to another, specifically for long distances and bulk cargo. Businesses dealing in supply chain or export can greatly benefit from cargo shipping.

4. Size

When compared to rail, road and airway options, cargo shipping via sea is relatively safer and provides more space. The containers on cargo ships are more spacious and thus most preferable when it comes to large shipments, and thus containerization is an essential part of the shipping industry due to its high demand by businesses.

5. Safety of Cargo

The loading and unloading process as well as the journey itself is quite secure and comparatively safer than other shipping options. Cargo carried via ships does not propose the same dangers that other transportation options do i.e. the risks of accidents, traffic or other relative delays.

6. Relativity

It is safe to say that the shipping industry would not have been able to survive in the ever developing world, had it not been for the cargo shipping industry. Containerization for the most part is the life blood of the shipping industry today and has been instrumental in keeping the sea routes relevance thriving in the world of technological advancements.

7. Business Dependability

Most businesses small and large are thriving to cater to the global market. It has become an integral part of all business practices to reach out to consumer’s oceans apart. And the sea route being the most convenient of options, businesses have invariably become dependent on containerization to ship goods around the world. This dependability provides the shipping industry a safety net for even the unforeseeable future.

Containerization today enables businesses to focus on their business and marketing practices rather than worrying about how to make those products available to the consumers. In the world of the internet where a business’s products and services can be marketed to all nooks and corners of the world, entrepreneurs and corporations alike are making the most of this tool. And the shipping industry is ever ready to provide solutions to make the business of import and export a lucrative one for all the parties concerned.

Containerization may not be a new phenomenon, but it has been successful in keeping up with the modern world, and in providing the utmost solution for shipping needs even today, as it did centuries ago.

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